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gnu keng kong (2001)
gnu keng kong (2001)
Buddhist South East Asian countries share some common folklore. In 1970 Cambodia released movie "The Snake Man", starring Mr. Chea Yuththorn and Mrs. Dy Saveth, based on a folk legend in which a woman is courted by a giant snake. The baby born from their love has hair made of small snakes. Local villagers disdain the mother and her daughter. It was a big hit in Cambodia and Thailand. Later on, a few Thai movies (งูเก็งกอง) were 'remakes' of the original Cambodian movie.

In 2001, a Cambodian movie was made as a remake of the original movie. Cambodian Movie Star Pich Chanboramey and Thai actor Vinai Kraibutr were playing in this movie.

The Marvellous Snake
The Marvellous Snake

Cambodian movie งูเก็งกอง 2 (1974) - "The Marvellous Snake" - 人蛇情仇 featured famous Thai actress Aranya Namwong. The movie director Tea Lim Koun still still has the film reels but it was never released in DVD format. It was shown in movies festivals.


Thai movies (here ไทยน้อย (1969) and จงอางผยอง (1971)) were released in Cambodia during decades 1960s and 1970s before the Khmer Rouge era.

สังข์ทอง Cambodia
กากี Cambodia

Cambodian movies (here สังข์ทอง (19xx) and กากี (19xx)) were released in Thailand during decades 1960s and 1970s before the Khmer Rouge era.

The hotel
Headless Hero

Thai movies (here โรงแรมผี (2002) and ผีหัวขาด (2002)) were released in Cambodia.

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