Here is a list of various interesting Thai expressions I found in movies or books.

In year 2010 the Royal Institute is putting new words used during protests into dictionary. They are such words as "PHAO MEUANG" (เผาเมือง) - setting the city ablaze, "KO KAN RAI" (ก่อการร้าย) - terrorist act, "SUM SIANG" (ซ้ำเสี่ยง) - at high risk, "KHO KHUEN PHUEN THI" (ขอคืนพื้นที่) - reclaiming the area.

A compound word is made when two words are joined to form a new word. Many Thai words can be easily remembered as they are compound word.

More to be added soon!

Some Thai words are only a transcription of the English word.

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