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ทำบุญขึ้นบ้านใหม่ or "THAM BOON KEUN BAAN MAI" is a ceremony for house-warming.

New House Ceremony
New House Ceremony
Before burying the poles of the house into the ground, monks bless the main hole. They pour holy water inside, say blessing words. It brings good luck to the house inhabitants.

In Thai cities, monks are also invited for the opening of new shops like restaurants, jewellers, hotels. Presence of monks is supposed to bring luck and success in business. The day to make this ceremony must be correctly chosen. Astrologers choose to best day and hour to make it.

In the past before building a new wooden house the whole village and respected elders need to be involved. Important details have to be followed, i.e. search for wood in the forest at the appropriate time, ceremony of offering food to get permission from spirits to cut trees, auspicious time to begin construction, inauguration ceremony, first post to be adorned with flowers and colourful cloth etc...

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