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HI there! I am looking for what this film is: picturs start at 09.30. the titel is around "23:30" in Thai. I do not understand anything. Hope u can help me!

Kingdao daranee I have been in London 1971 and was together with aod waedwisuth. Please can you Transfer my Email Adresse or mon Nr Telefon. Tanks a Lot

Hi! I'm writing because I happened across your site doing research on a film. It seems you have a very comprehensive listing and knowledge of classic Thai cinema, so I am hoping you can help out with this mystery movie. The only English on the poster lists the title as "Sound of the River Kwai," but I can't find anything googling this title. If you can point me to any further information or tell anything about it I would be very much appreciative! Thanks in advance!

hello I am using your site as source, may I know the at least one of your authors specially in the Thai horror part because I desperately need it! Thank you very much

I would like buy forest monk's mosquito net called "KLOT". Can you help me?

Have you ever seen this poster and do you know what it says? What the name of the movie is? Do you know what year or where I could find this movie? Thank you.

Hello, Hope you are doing well! I work with Thailand property, a Thailand based real estate Company working towards helping individual making an informed property purchasing decisions in Thailand. We came across your website and noticed that you have provided few Thailand related links on your website We thought you might be interested in adding a link to our site along with other relevant resources. I am sure it would definitely help those visitors who are in search of Thailand based properties.

Dear friends, i'm writing a book on fantastic cinema for 15 years, the most complete ever and i need to include some obscure Thai horror-supernatural movies in the book especially obscurities from 80's and 90's. Can you help me to review some? please it's important for the completeness of our monumental project but also for a promotion of Thai cinema abroad.

Dear Guru. Can you bestow me phra rahu amulet? Thanks

Hello, The information on your website is interesting. Could you tell me more about who you are? I can't figure out if you are a tourism site, or what your purpose is. Thank you

Evening, I am from India based in the UAE. I shall very much appreciate if you could give the contact details of Metta Roongrat please. The reason is she acted in MGR starrer Tamil Film “Ulagam Sutrum Valiban” released in the year 1973 and we are in the process of digitalizing the same and realising it during 2015. Further one MGR fan delegation from Tamil Nadu, India, is visiting Thailand and shall be very much obliged to meet her as a mark of our respect.

Dear colleagues from Thai World View, I would be very interested, to learn more about your Film archive and would like to meet you if possible. I am looking especially for Movies (even fiction), Home video archive and historical documentary film archives, which might reveal how was Pattaya looking in the 60ies, when it was still more a fisher village, and other interesting historical themes for this film. Hoping to hear from you soon. I browsed a lot on your interesting website and database on Thai Movies!

Sawassdee krub, Love your website. I've been reading it for years, but I just found your "lookingfor" page today. Are you still looking for rare Thai movies on this list?

My name is Natawan Wongchalard, a PhD. Student from Thailand, who has appraoched you eairlier via your Thai worldview's website. I’m doing a research project on Thai action cinema. I’m therefore writing to ask you, as a foreign audience, some questions regarding Thai action films. Please see the questionnaire attached and kindly send the response back to me once it has been completed.

I am creature feature enthusiast from the UK. By that, I mean that I enjoy movies about animals attacking humanity. Thai examples include The Crocodile (1979), Krai Thong (2001), Deep in the Jungle (2008) and many, many more. I run a website dedicated to these films called Creature Feature Corner ( ). I would love to include all of your obscure Thai creature films on my website so that I can raise awareness of them in the Western World. However lots of the information on your website does not contain translations and finding these films via imdb and Wikipedia is extremely difficult.

I would like to obtain a copy of the 1985 Thai movie “Her name is Boonrawd” starring Linda Khatancharoen. Any help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Dear friends, i'm writing a book on fantastic cinema for 15 years, the most complete ever and i need to include some obscure Thai horror-supernatural movies in the book especially obscurities from 80's and 90's. Can you help me to review some? please it's important for the completeness of our monumental project but also for a promotion of Thai cinema abroad.

Hello, I'm doing research on contemporary Thai action cinema. That's why I was trying to contact you. Thank you for your reply. Next time I'll send you some questions regarding Thai action films you have watched, regards

I would like buy forest monk's mosquito net called "KLOT" Can you help me?

Have you ever seen this poster and do you know what it says? What the name of the movie is? Do you know what year or where I could find this movie? Thank you.

Hello, I am the main webmaster of which lists all vehicles used in movies. I exchanged a few e-mails with the webmaster of the site "DS in Asia". He said me that you provided him captures of a DS in a Thai movie: I contact you to ask if I could also use these pictures on IMCDb, as we do not have that movie yet on the site. Of course I'll put a link to your site like what he did.

Hello sirs can you tell me where to find the books that are advertised on the web site list in thailand book stores. Thank you

Dear Sir, I'm Ann. I from "I love Thailand" which is TV. thai show. On air in every Sunday at 13:30 to 14:20 pm. on Channel 9. Concept My TV. We find the foreigners who can speak Thai and love in Thailand.For example you love the nature of Thailand. You will know everything about the nature in Thailand or if you're lovers of Thai culture arts ( For example you love silver, you know the silverware in Thailand.) I saw your website “ ” and I think you can recommend the foreigners who live in Thailand and can speak Thai / love in Thailand to.Can you recommend for me ?

I am a student studying at The art university college at bournemouth on my last year on the BA Illustration course. My project currently is looking into Thailand and is culture and I would like to draw Thai Temples in Landscape therefore would be needing some photography as reference for my drawings. Currently I am living in England and it is rather difficult to go to thailand to take my own photo as reference. I was wondering if I can use the photograph from your website as a reference and research for me to use to hand draw from?

I would like to get permission to use a some photos of thai children I have seen on your site. I am an agent for hospitals in Bangkok for dental work. I am starting a dental mission in Thailand where I will be donating tooth paste and brushes to many children in this glorious country. I would like some nice photos to put on my site so that people will be inclined to donate money for me to purchase items to send over to Thailand.

Hello, I would like to use some info from your site in a paper I am working on. I need to cite where I got the info from but I do not see an author or creation date. Can you help me? thank you! Kathy

Hi, I wonder whether you can tell me where to buy the dvd of "sawan bieng" with english subtitles? thanks....

Dear sir. I would like to know if you have a cd on shoji yokoughi: blue dreams? Regards Piero

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WELL DONE! Thank you for having this website, the information was Marvellous! We learn alot about Thailand thru this website. Once again, Thank for very much for all the effort!

สุดยอดเลยครับ อยากดูหนังแบบเต็มๆจัง

I came across your website while looking for information on Thai silk. Thank you for the very interesting information you provide. I was pleased to see your website in English -- it is exactly what you need for an international audience. I noticed, however, that the site has a significant number of errors in the English. I would like to suggest you consider the services of my company, Pure English, to review your website and make the English perfect. Any other documents you use can also be proofread and edited to ensure all the association's communications in English are perfect. Please refer to our website ( for full details. If I can be of assistance at all, please do not hesitate to contact me through our site.

Thanks so much for this very good webbie on Thai movies, I love it lots! Very comprehensive... Now I know where to look when in need of my 'Thai fix' during the long periods when I am away from the Land of Smiles :) Keep up your good work! :)

Hi, you have a really great collection of Thai movies in your website, ThaiWorldView... Really enjoyed going through them, Especially enjoyed the history of Thai cinema. The part about putting up a big projector is so like Singapore in the 1970s, from what I heard from my mum about her childhood. What inspired you to put up all those Thai movies?

Hello, I was hoping that you may help me to identify an item that I have. I believe that it is a Thai Temple item. I have seen similar items online in my search for information and they listed your site as a credit. Any help is appreciated. Geri

Threats From Thailand See my documentations of terrorist assaults on my person in Thailand and the subsequent harassment and apparent (or implied) terrorist threats against me from Thai thugs. Thank you. geral sosbee (956)371-5210

Long Live His Majesty The King

Attn: Permissions Desk Doctors Krahn and colleagues would like to reproduce the photograph of the sleeping Buddha (attached) from Thai World View to be used in the chapter Krahn LE. Cross-Cultural Aspects of Sleep in this and future editions of the book entitled Atlas of Sleep Medicine. This book is edited by Krahn LE, it will be copyrighted by Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, and it will be published by Informa Healthcare. (Note: Future editions may have a different publisher.) Doctor Krahn and colleagues are employed by Mayo Foundation, a nonprofit organization. Therefore, we request that you waive any fee. Appropriate credit would be included in the legend.


I was wondering if I can cite your website as a source on one of my projects

re Pumpuang she was not 36 when she died, but 31. Not enough detail in the music sections

Can someone help me on how to get the midi song for "LOY KRATHONG"

I have not raated the topics as they are all great. I am very interested in old thai films and your data on them is enlightening. I speak fluent Thai and live in Thailand now for 26 years. I am very interested if you know of any places I can buy vcds or dvds of these old movies. I have got quite a few already but I see many more I cannot find and I have looked in a lot of areas like Khlong Thom. I have your site set as my homepage now also as it is so interesting! my email is above if you can suggest any places to buy these old movies. Thank YOu. Khun Peter

This website was really helpful for my Thailand project! Thank You! Jamie

Its Me Siam Krai Hiijingwuuht King Krai hiijingwuuht Koenig Krai Hiijingwuuht

I want to know what a good job for thai woman to work in UK, and what graduated the most job they want?

Hi Dear, I want to introduce Sri Lanka's temple Nagarukkaramaya to Thai visitors. Can you kindly help me in that? Website of the temple is Please kindly let me know how you can help me in this. Thanking you, Four’s faithfully, Buddhi

Thank'you for many info. Ciao e grazie delle infos. WaiThai

Its Me Prai Krai Hiijingwuuht. Stop Peopels how long to mutch and therm storry. Thank s My Privat life and Siam Prajadhipoks in Thailand

Hello, My name is William Reyland. I have a book release slated for the end of July and I would love to link to your fabulous site. You can read about "SONS OF ISAN" on my site for your consideration. I tried to link through the site without success. Thank you for your consideration. Bill Reyland

Very good site with lots of good information.

hi, it was refreshing to read a site with a valuable depth to it. i remember playing around on the net years ago reading sites just like yours, they seemed lost in all the jazz of flashing colours nowadays. thanks. i am trying to find movies that are historical/folklore and interesting to watch. a baby on the way, and as much as i forbid myself to admit i am a brit (with its own colonial history) i would love to be able to show the junior/juniorette a side of thailand as they grow up and appreciate their roots. i have been through wikipedia "Cinema of Thailand" or "ภาพยนตร์ไทย", and found useful movie titles to go from. this is how i found your site and will continue to go through your very helpful descriptions. though, as i am working through the movies i am getting stuck for what to focus on. do you have any "must see" movies, or director's name, or a production company, for someone wanting to focus on a historical/folklore influence. thanks for your time, and good luck, i even took two feeds, which was a problem because i didnt know what they were... PS may be you can say more on the thia/french viewpoint?

highly informative and great hand for when the kids grow up

Dear Nai Somchai Thaksin its me Nai Krai Hiijingwuuht ( Denny) I am at sukhumvit soi 7 at night to morning and morning i go to Lum Park. Because I a JJ- Mansion in Sukhumvit soi 11 ther have My Bangk Cards and Thai I.D. Card and More Cards And sah Phon in a Degree and not from Porno Movies. Thank You Frend mail From Krai Hiijingwuuht Prinz wiht z

Did a pretty good page that tells a little about why the Thai-girls and Thaier think as they do. I think these pages are quite informative and interesting read and for those who want a closer relationship with a Thai Girl

Dear Sirs, I'm looking for a prefab-wooden houses company in Thailand, could you help me in this research? Many thanks and best regards. Valentina

An intelligent synopsis of life in Issan!

Very interesting write-up that gives good snap shots of Thai culture and practices. Plus pictures! Commendable effort.

Dear Sir, I would like to make inquiries about the purchase of some books, eg "Thailand Into The Spirit World." Can you please advise on the availability of the books and where I can buy them. I have gone to many bookstores in Bangkok but cannot find. Thank you very much

what site do i go too? to watch movie

I would like to buy cheap thai lakor, chinese and carttons that the shop except Paypal.

Hello, Could I please use one photo - of Bun Bang Fai, the Rocket festival - for a presentation on a story I plan to write? I promise I will not publish the photo, it is for personal use. Thanks,

Who are you? You write a lot but what is background? Where does your informations come from? Do you have references? Thanks. youn

Hi-I was interested in renting a tuk tuk to test run a rally idea I have. I saw on your site that the daily rate for one is 400 Baht a day. Would you by any chance be able to tell me where I could find this rate? Thank you very much

hello from a Dutch artist in Chiang mai, after 3 months i can say 'great city' a good place to stay and i work on that by renting a small appartment and start painting. Im already so far that my work can be seen and for sale in the Gatehouse-Inn, 47 moon muang road in Chiang mai. Your site looks great, can we do links-exchange?

Dear, I would like to ask permission to use your text below to place on my website:: for festivals section. Loy Krathong is as old as Thai heritage and represents a close bond between Thai culture and water. The festival takes place on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month when the water level is high and the climate is cooler. Participants ask water spirits to sail away their troubles in their krathongs, which are containers traditionally made from banana leaves and carrying offerings of incense, lotus flowers and small money. Think you for your kind and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Good morning!!! Can I buy the traditional music CDs for 150 tb? Old musical instruments that I see in photo on your website? Thank you.

Dear sir or madam, My name is Tom Tuohy and I am soon to publish a book about Thailand in the UK. I am not 100% sure of the title yet, but it will be something like "Watching the Thais". You are receiving this email because I have quoted some aspect of your work from 'THAI DURIAN' on your web site - in my book and would formally like to request permission to publish it. This will of course mean that you will receive a free 'plug' (advertisement) as a result. As time is at a premium, I am going to assume that you have no objection to this unless I hear from you by return post. Kind regards

Hi. Just found your website – brilliant well done We have started a website in West Australia to populate goodwill for Thai people/culture/land I have now placed a link to your website at the very top section

good stuff - hours of reading... I will endeavour...

Reading this website would be much better than doing that useless cultural course!!

Hi.! Thai worldview movies. this customer would like to contac to know how to order Thai Worldview mkovies item. please,contact customer. thankyou. mao.

Greeting from Australia, I am an Australian Civil Marriage Celebrant appointed by the Australian Government. I am developing an Educational Study Program as part of the Australian Governments Ongoing Professional Development Program to be presented to Civil Marriage Celebrants in the State of Queensland Australia. An increasing number of girls from Thailand are coming to this region to marry Australians. Our government ask that we include in their wedding ceremonies; Thai customs and rituals, to ensure the girls feel welcome and that the customs of their home country are observed on their wedding day as a sign of respect. I will be visiting Thailand between 10 - 25/11/2008. I have arranged to purchase "wedding bowls" and other items from Supannikar in Bangkok. To complete my educational study programe I need to obtain a CD of the long drum procession song 'RAM VONG KLONG YAO' . I would be most grateful if you could advise where I could purchase this music either before I arrive in Thailand over the Internet or if this is not possible a place I can visit in Bangkok that would offer this music for sale. Your web site has been of great assistance to me while I have been researching Thai wedding customs and rituals. All the information I have reseached and the items I will be purchasing will be shared with all other Civil Marriage Celebrants in this region to ensure that Thai customs are observed in the correct way.. Best Regards


Hi! can you watch the movies on the website? Thanks, Chantana M.

Dear Thai World View Please can you tell me the Thai word for "tiger"? Many thanks for your help. Vivienne

Hello. I'm a student in the University of Paris - Sorbonne Nouvelle. In the scope of a study about Thai cinema, I would like to know if you had informations to pass on to me concerning the current economy of Thai cinema : - how many cinemas in the country and their attendance rate - the turnover (total earnings) - the price of a ticket - the number of exported films - the rate of foreign films on Thank you for your answering. Yours sincerly

Dear friends, I'm writing a book on fantastic-mystery cinema, the most complete ever. I'm trying to fill the gap about some world cinematographies but it's not easy. I'm writing you to ask your help to do this. We either need someone disposed to write some reviews of Thai films for our book or at least to find the missing data (director, year, actors) of some films we reviewed ourselves not understanding the language. Please write me back and i'll tell you more.

Dear all. My name is Tiina from Sweden. I need help with pictures (not many) about a true Thai buddhist wedding between Thai inhabitants, expecially the hair setup. Reason is that my daughter 17 years is studying to be a hairdresser and her grade is doing a cultural wedding hair setup and my daughter wants to do a Thai buddhis wedding both the cultural information and the hair setup. Does anybody have a great picture where you can see the hair at its best ? We would be SO GLAD if you could help. I have spent many hours viewing this site as we are travellers to Thailand every other year to different places but nowwhere is there cultural information from a native buddhist marriage as I can find. Thank you all and have a nice day. Tiina

Hello there, I'm emailing on behalf of TBWA London. We're interested in finding out some information about the song registered under the artist 'Palmy' in your Thai Pop section. We are very interested in finding out the title of the track and who it is licensed to. Can you help?

I'm interested in advertising on your Thailand culture web site, and I have some unique ideas. Please contact me via email (preferred) so we can discuss options.

SIGNAL BOOKS. Smartest and most stylish of travel publishers. Your members may be interested in a new book on BANGKOK published by Signal Books this month. I attach further information here, along with a recent interview with the author, Maryvelma O'Neil in THE NATION. If you would like to order the book, please be in touch

ขอปรึกษาเรื่องเวทีมวยกรุงเทพ พร้อมเครื่องปรับอากาศภายใน การแข่งขันทุกวันเสาร์ โดย เริ่มเวลา 14.30 น.จนถึง 17.00 น. โรงเรียนมวยไทย วันทรงชัย พร้อมให้ความรู้และฝึกสอนทักษะ ศิลปะการต่อสู้ และ การป้องกันตัว สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมที่ 100 ถนนเทียมร่วมมิตร เขตห้วยขวาง กทม. 10320 ทางออกที่ 1 รถไฟใต้ดินศูนย์วัฒนธรรมแห่งประเทศไทย

I'm writing a book on fantastic-mystery cinema, the most complete ever. I'm trying to fill the gap about some world cinematographies but it's not easy. I'm writing you to ask your help to do this. We either need someone disposed to write some reviews of Thai films for our book or at least to find the missing data (director, year, actors) of some films we reviewed ourselves not understanding the language.

We are writing to ask for permission to use texts, and images pertaining to Thailand from in the production of Thai language-teaching materials for non-profit educational use. We are developers of foreign language training materials for learners of various languages at academic institutions and for employees of the U.S. government. We would like to include portions of articles and pictures from in our lesson units as a culture note for print and online publication. The materials would represent only incidental parts of our work. In the acknowledgement section of our language-teaching materials and in related documentation we would include the appropriate copyright notice: "Courtesy of: These materials will be used for non-profit educational purposes only. They will not be made available to any commercial parties for commercial use. Your website offers a great source of Thai culture which is one indispensable aspect of our language learning here.

Hi, whats up Thailand? I am an Indonesia and stay in Indonesia but i like Thai movie alot and i always browse in the internet about the Thailand update movie. In my effort i find some difficulties because its so hard to find them out in the internet. So i try to send you this email hoping that you would do me a favor. Please write me the title of the Thailand best movie. The title that win the movie competition in Thailand especially comedy movie cos i like Thai comedy alot. My friends here also like Thai comedy movie. They said that they are wonderfull.. really wonderful. If you dont mind plese send me: 1. Thailand 2000 - 2008 best movie. 2. Thailand 2000 - 2008 best comedy movie. 3. Thailand 2000 - 2008 second and third best movie. 4. Thailand 2000 - 2008 second and third best comedy movie. 5. Another best movie according to you. 6. Another best comedy movie according to you. Well, thats all i guess for this time. Hoping that you will send me soon your reply to me. I love Thailand. See you...

Nothing negative - I just want to see more of the same - More photos - More movies - more of Thai history, culture, ideas....

A truly wonderful site, but surely there are thousands of Thai movies that deserve to be reviewed. Likewise, you didn't mention whether or not any of the movies were ever released with English language soundtrack or subtitles. I have bookmarked your site for reference

very good web site, will be going for the thai new year.

Where can i buy this old movies that you post up?

I am writing to you with the hope that you could help me with some information about Thailand. I am a student of architecture in Germany and I'm doing now a seminar about housing culture in southeasthern Asia. My topic is about Thailand.Unfortunately there's no real information about Thailand except for the wonderful touristic destinations. Though I need so more information about thai housing,plans,urban situation like private and public spaces, living culture (eating,washing.rituals, garten,family relationship). I found some quite useful information at your site but I'd be really gratefull if you could provide me some more information in that direction or give me a tip where I could look for so that I could learn more about Thailand. I thank you in advance and I'm looking forward to receiving your answer.

To Thai World View Movies or Thai Drama Movies. I'm looking for the old Movies name ( SEELAMANEE ) I'm not so sure how to spell it, but I hope U will know it. If You know this movie, can You let me know, and how can I order it. Thank You

I'm studying Thailand for school. It's very good in term's of info.

Kindly sir, It is a great pleasure to know your society. I hope you are attending welfare services and also spreading buddhism all over the world. In this case, we all have the same goal. I think we can get together and start some meritorious works. if you want to visit our new web site, please log on to I hope your reply urgently.May the Triple Gems Bless You....!

For the sake of the credibility of your site, maybe you should consider reviewing this sentence in your comment on Constitution Day. Since 1932 Thailand is a democracy. Before 1932, Thailand was called Siam and was under the total rule of the King. Now Thailand is a democracy. Some say that Thailand is even a better democracy since army is far from direct power (1992).

I like your website and the useful link page. Maybe you would like to add and independent legal website, non-commercial with all law subjects relevant for foreigners.

A request please, Could you please supply me a good clear full size photo / drawing of a "YAK" gaurdian statue. Black and White would be preferable.

Great site very informative. Praht Thai Schools

I am spending the month of October, 2007, visiting Thailand. I hope to see the wonderful sights that is photographed here. Thank you.

Would you please let me know where I could find THE THAI TERMS OR WORDS(ROMANIZED)for THE TITLES OR POSTS which took Marshalls S.Thanarat and T.Kittikachorn,and General S.Boonyaratglin as MILITARY DICTATORS? Thank you very much.

I want to learn thai language

Sincerely, your site is amazing! I spent 5 months in south east Asia this winter, and I stayed as far as possible from the tourists to be close to the locals. Since I came back, I am reading more and more about those countries I visited (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam). I am having so many questions to understand your culture, and I think I finally find the web site to get answers. I did not read everything yet, but I will! Thank you very much! Pascal

Do you know what would be a nice traditional wedding gift for a couple in Pong of the Phayoa province?

I enjoyed the site and found it very interesting and informative. Does Thailand celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day as we do here in England Many thanks Jeanie

Hi, I'm living in France now. It's possible to buy these old films ? Thanks, Sincerely, Nokeo

I recently purchase a hand carved phallus made in Thailand, the person I purchased it from knows some of the Thai language indeed her father is still living there... She knows it is a Buddhist blessing and told me it was written in an ancient language that pretty much only the monks used. I was wondering if you might know whom I could email to ask about translating it. Thank You.

Sir, In 1988 I had come across a floating temple like the spirit houses you show on the net. It was seen in Andamans and was floating on layers of Bamboo and was about 12 feet tall. made of wood and painted white. I would like to know if you have any such ceremony launching these beautiful pieces into the sea.

i am in need of some answers... please help me. my sons father is Laos. his mother came to America in the 70's. i feel in love with the culture and life style right away. i always believed in what i was told about Buddha. For this i was also told what you think is real is true and if you dont think it is then for you it's not. well i do. i recently moved from seattle, washington to las vegas nevada. when i was in seattle my sons father lived with me. one day when he returned from visiting his mother he had a small statue of a what appears to be a man sitting down with four arms. but he kinda looks like an elephant. well when i moved to las vegas i brought him with me because of my sons father did not want anything to do with me or my son at the moment. all he told me to do in taking care of him was to keep him high and give him milk once in a while. i am afraid i am not doing what is to be done. my biggest fear is to dissrecpect something of such higher power. i am a true believer and have a great passion for Buddhism. i am worried for my sons sake more than mine. strange stuff occurs to me that seems to be normal untill i look at the statue. i remember my sons father telling me sternly not to make "him" mad. but he wont tell me what exactly what it is. i over heard a conversation from my mother in law( his mother) that is was a small ghost. but my understanding of Laos language is at times poor. please help me if any possible i am very worried and can feel something strange in my presents. i know if i dont change now something is going to happend. any advice helpful to me.

i'm having trouble finding websites because i want to watch thai lakorn series for free do you kno where i can go to?

I was wondering if you could help me, i am wanting to know how you would write "pain is temporary pride is forever" in thai, if you could send me the translation i would be very very grateful.

เดี๋ยวนี้มีเวปที่ชาวต่างชาติทำขึ้นเกี่ยวกับประเทศไทยหลายเวปทีเดียวครับ ตัวอย่างหนึ่งคือ

Hi Regis, Just found you site , never knew it existed. Since I live in Vientiane, I visit thailand frequently. I sent you my zenfolio link, because althout it is not thaialnd, a lot of the people I photograph live in thailand too. After all, natioanl bounderies really are a western invention. I'll need to take some time to work my way through your site in detail.

Hello, Im enjoy your website so much. Im a guy from Holland, and I was so long searching for a thai song......... and now I find it on your website. Im so glad!!!!!!!!! It's the song by: THAI POP from Asanee! Can you please tell me wahts the tittle of that song. And where can I find the whole song???? I hope to hear from you! Thanks

STOP SAYING BAD STUFF about ISAN People "Poor ISAN", NO SUCH THING ANYMORE!! THEY OWN there land and don't have to worry about debts and live freely. YOU NEED to update your information for year 2007!! ISAN People are the main people of Thailand, there the growth of Thailand and it doesn't take a scientist to figure that out. Thai ISAN I see in 10-15 yrs becoming wealthy and prosperous, and pure, Not like the fake Bangkok people with tons of problems with image, prostitution and abuse. Thai ISAN is truly a gem. My grandma owns lots of land there and it is the most un-disturb and clean and pure as can be. THANK BUDDHA!! PEACE but will never be afraid fighting evil... Thai ISAN RULES!!!!

Even though i'm a Catholic your site was very nice. May you find many blessings and peace.

This webside is very useful and very nice for give information to anyone who wants to know about Thai Culture. May the person who do this webside be happy and be long life.

I think your website does wonders about how to educate people about your world famious country, because most people only know of your country because of your food, but I have seen, your country is more then about food, its about your Kingdom and how each royal family in the Charkari Dyanesty and before that has helped your country become what it is today. I also must say that your pictures with reguardes to his Majstie's birthday, and his 60 years on the throne were so moving each time I look at pictures of your royal family I am moved to tears not of sadness but because of unconditional love and happyness for your royal family and also my own extended family. The Great one, who is also the Blessed one, and the reason why I say that is because each time I see a Buddha image in a Buddha room its not of the historical Buddha, but of his majstie of when he was monk about 50 years ago in 1956 I beleve, and I offer incese and bow to it, and his subjects that are around the Buddha, He also reminds me of the late Walt Disney, because he wanted to help people young and old have fun and love happily ever after, and your king has done just that, he is a living Mickey Mouse, and I say that because, I love the disney characters as much as I do his Majstie, but first and formost my family. This is coming all from the bottom of my heart.


สวัสดีค่ะ บังเอิญได้เข้าไปดูเวบแล้ว พบว่าแนะนำไปเทศไทยได้น่าสนใจดีค่ะ แต่มีคำถามอยากจะทราบว่า รูปนรกในลิ้งค์นี้ถ่ายที่วัดไหนคะ จะรอคำตอบค่ะ ขอบพระคุณค่ะ

Hi, I was wondering if you carry a movie on VHS or DVD called Tanya Mae Mod Yoon... in English, it is translated, Tanya the Naughty Witch starring 'Mew' Lalita Panyopas. I am looking everywhere for this movie. Thank you,

Hi there, my name is Pietro Cicconetti, my girlfriend is Suphalak Yooyen (Poom), which is a James Band girl and we would like to buy one copy of the movie. Would you be so kind to tell us where can we buy? We really appreciate your help. Many Thanks

Dear Thai staff, I was net-surfing around and found your website. It is really wonderful and educational site. I enjoyed the contents a lot! Especially I was amused by the photos used in "narok- hell garden" in your religion section (, and would really like to visit those temples. It would be most appreciated if you could let me know where all those temples are. Thank you very much in advance for your kind help, and hope your webiste will be as successful as always.Best regards,

hi - can you tell me when the festival will take place in 2007 - october/november- as we wish to visit chiang mai,thank you

Dear Sir, Madam, Maybe you can help me find some more information on Thai singer Orawee Sujjanon? I have discovered her while watching a videoclip in our hotel room in Chiang Mai last February 2006 and I was very anxious to buy her music. Fortunately the clip ended with a picture of her CD (later I saw the video again with a different CD cover). In Chiang Mai I bought the first CD, in Bangkok the 2nd. I discovered there were 12 different CD’s in the same series but could not risk buying all of them (risk of disappointment and customs in Holland) despite their very low price (155 baht). Back home I listened to her CD’s and was very touched by her voice and the beautiful melodies. Friends who went to Thailand were given my request to look for additional CD’s, later I also managed to find her name in readable language (to us Western people) and bought various CD's and some DVD's from a Thai website. The information on Orawee so far is that she is 40 years old and is a luk grung singer, although I do not know exactly what that means. How long has she been a singer, how did she develop her career, how popular is she in Thailand and beyond? Furthermore I was wondering if she will appear in concerts and how I can find out when and where? Maybe I can return to Thailand once more and plan my trip and route when I know she will be in a concert somewhere, of course with the ability to buy the tickets to that concert. I hope you can help me with this, which I would appreciate very much

Hi i am half thai and half australien. I just want to say that i am proud of thailand and the culture. Be proud of your self. Don't destroy yourself by taking drugs....

what does kapkuhn mak mean?

Your site is very very cool !! I love it :) Respect !

i looking for new friend i from thai live in bangkok now but i want to study Eng who want to study thaidance i can i am study thaidance see you

Please accept my gratitude, I always enjoy your website

thailand is a beautiful country. I love to live here. thailand is one of the beautiful country in east asia. People's kind and generious. Say very very good, nice to stay and shop

Hi, Could you please tell me in which temple where those picture taken? I would really like to visit it. Merci pour votre très beau site.

King Rama IX actually have had 4 children, 3 Princess and a Prince.

Thank you very much for you contact. My project is about "the pressur to conform" that is women have to do things that they don't wanna do but they must, it's because of Thai society force them to do like that. For example, Thai women have to lie and dishonesty about sex because Thai society cannot accept premarital sex. That can cause many problems. Moreover, when most of thai women always put on make up, the rest women have to put on make up too even if they don't wanna do. That's because thai society think that women should be beautiful. Our project is something like this. I would like to interview the one of ur group but i don't know that if u quys're in Thailand or not.

To whom it may concern, My name is xxx yyy. I am currently helping my professors to translate a research. I found your website, veyr nicely done. I have recommended your website to several of my friends who are interested in Buddhism though they do not understand our Thai language. Anyway, may I seek your help? I need the English name fo ท่านเจ้าคุณธรรมปิฎก. I could not find such in your website and was wondering if you could help me out with the English translation. I would really appreciate your help in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Great work on your website, it's a real encyclopedia of Thailand. Impressive work.

There is something I'm looking for, the explanation of the color ... We all wear a yellow shirt on mondays because the monday is the day the King is born. The Queen's color is blue. I don't know what day ... I know the color of the Sunday bis red

I really like the Instrumental on the "Darkside Page" can anyone tell me what song that is?

Hello. My name is xxx, a Ph.D. student at the University of Tokyo. I have visited your webpage and have a question for you. I hope you will help me on this. You cited a few studies on the reality of minor wife. However, you did not mention where the studies came from. If possible, could you tell me the sources? I am very interested in those studies related to my research topic, the risk of HIV infection among Japanese business expatriates in Thailand. I would like to know what the authors were, what year and which journal or publication it was published, and so on. I understand that you are busy, but I would really appreciate for your help and kindness. Khop Khun Klap!

very good. i like it.

Thank you very much for you contact. My project is about "the pressur to conform" that is women have to do things that they don't wanna do but they must, it's because of Thai society force them to do like that. For example, Thai women have to lie and dishonesty about sex because Thai society cannot accept premarital sex. That can cause many problems. Moreover, when most of thai women always put on make up, the rest women have to put on make up too even if they don't wanna do. That's because thai society think that women should be beautiful. Our project is something like this. I would like to interview the one of ur group but i don't know that if u quys're in Thailand or not.

I just read only Thai food topic in this web site and I found that some pictures is not good because you mentioned thai food but the picture for open air market such as open air meat and fish is not good place to represent open air. I think in Thaland has several open air market that look better than the pictures in this web site. Moreover some picture is look like dirty open air.

I am working on a jobsite for us falang who needs a job in Thailand... and I have problems to find a good link. Where can I get a Thai school list with ALL schools in Thailand...not even the Ministry of Education has them all on the MOE site.

Sawat dee kha, Well, first of all I would like to say I love Thailand and Thailand is a good country in the world. I do understand almost everything about Thai culture and their behave. I don't have much thing to say but if who have read what I have wrote.. believe me that Thailand is the a best choise for living and visitting.

เรียน Webmaster โปรดแก้ไขข้อความเรื่อง เปตองด้วยค่ะ คำขึ้นต้นของสมเด็จย่า แก้จาก His Royal Highness เป็น Her Royal Highness ด้วยค่ะ ส่วนข่าวของสมาคม ขณะนี้กำลังเตรียมการจัดเปตองโลกประเภททีมชายที่ พัทยา ในปีหน้าค่ะ หากมีรายละเอียด จะส่งให้เพิ่มเติมค่ะ หรือ Website สมาคมฯ ขอบคุณค่ะ กรรมการบริหารสมาคมเปตองแห่งประเทศไทย

I really wanna say that This web site is cool. I'm doing the project about The Pressure to Conform. I'm the student of Kasetsart University so I can get many things from ur website. I would like to contact u to do my project, if u don't mind. E-mail me, if u're interested in my project. Hope to talk to u soon.

Great site ... more photo and info ! I like your site my compliments by Roberto

please can u send me some picture and more stories on the thai and burma war. please send me a picture of a thai warrior from the war between burma. i am very curious about how a thai warrior from the siam age will look thank you

Dear Sir. I wish to ask you for one question.I am thai lady and I have my boyfriend now so he come from America but now he works in South Korea. He want to marry me so please tell me, Where we can go to write the paper marriage in thailand? Thank you very much for your very kindness that you will anwser my question.

hi! im from Singapore and im very interested in thailand, its culture, religon and places. keep up the good work na!! hope u will update more stuff about thailand that we foreigner don't know about. korp khun mak krap

I've never found so much about Thailand at once! Great! i really like your site!!!!

If you can add another one for Thai traditional Music will be great and also introduce other parts of Thailand more than Isan will be better.

I have read the articles on your website with great interest. I now realize that some men who are lonely can buy a wife for about $ 2,000 (US) Well, I have more than enough money to purchase a Thai wife. Plus I get about $ 1,600 (US) per month Pension because I have served the US Army for 20 yrs. Plus I have a regular job. But I am very, very lonely. My wife left me for another man 10 yrs. ago. I have been trying to get another woman, but I fail every time I try. The doctor told me if I don't get some sex soon that I will die of Prostate cancer. Can someone please advise me how to buy a woman from Thailand before I die from lack of sex ? Thank you.

Darker side of Thailand was a great article, my brother in law is from Thailand and I have been there to visit him several times though as I am an Australian man people assume I have been for 'sex tours' but having a family member that was born in Thailand I have been exposed to the culture and sure, the city has friendly people and the bars are open late but I'm happier to help my brother in law on his parents farm and experience the true beauty of Thai culture I think an article like this should be circulated to travel agencies as sadly Thailand does have a stigma attached to it in Australia

I am the manegar of trade company in Iraq. I am interest in your product TUK TUK which had three wheel , I am seeking on used unites to buy it and run this job with Thailand , I am ready to import this type of car , so please lead me to agency or company buying used TUK TUK , thank you with my best wishes .

Please can you give me the name and manufacturer of your candles as I am looking for some big plain white wax candles approximately 46" high the biggest bu 18" diameter can you please assit me

I think it's time to update the music pages. Eg Jonas is certainly not the hotest singer around and he never was. He and christy are far less popular than they were, you only have to see audience reaction at a concert. Also they are both conning thai people-their singing and 'goog works' are a front further the relgious cult they belong to to which some CD profits go.

Saw your website, and I remembered watching a Thai movie about a woman courted by a giant snake who ended up having a daughter with snakes as hair. I saw you listed the same movie on your website, but it shows it as issued in 2001. I must have seen the movie at least 20 years ago when I was much younger. Do you know whether it was reissued, and if so, where can I buy teh DVD. I enjoyed watching that movie!

Sawatdee khrap I have been looking at the calendar for 2006. We have an apartment in Chiang Mai and wish to be present for the main celebration day of Loi Kratong. Could you please confirm that the main River festival and night attractions occur on the 5th November ?????? We enjoyed it so much in 2005 but there seemed to be some confusion as to which was the main day

I am looking for the Thai calendar showing ALL!!! of the Buddhist holy days observed in Thailand. Didn't find it here.

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me find and purchase some the Thai drama movies featured on your site?

Thanks, a really enjoyable site. A reminder of fond memories of Thailand. It remains one of my favorite places in the world. The land of smiles, and graceious people..

Hello, I am trying to find the first Art of the Devil and the second. Do you know where I would be able to buy them ? Thank you,

Can you please tell me if the following bus services are available. Nakhon Sawan to Nakhonratchasima Nakonratchasima to Khon Kaen

GREAT SITE! I knew so little about Thailand (just that it was never a colony) and was coming to visit for a conference so I knew I needed to know more and now I do! Thank you!

Very informitive site. Will be living in Thailand in 2551. Keep it up.

Great page. Good stuff, altho i am away frum home i am based in Chiang mai , Thailand. As i am in america, automotive tuner and also a teacher. To many my relative my age and younger i teach to read thai and to write. To many member my age and family my age i teach to read and write in thai, lao, and khmer. Great site. keep up the good job.

I am Thai .I would like to know about G.I.'s wife from Thailand When G.I came back home after Vietnam war. Thank you.

ฉันทำงานเป็นเลขาให้ชาวต่างชาติ 4 คน ซึ่งพวกเขาชอบเอกสารการสอนภาษา ไทย ที่ฉันปริ้นออกมาจากweb-siteคุณมากทีเดียว พวกเขาอยากเรียนรู้ภาษาไทยเยอะๆ ดิฉันจึงพยายามเข้าค้นข้อมูลในweb-site คุณบ่อยๆ แต่ก็ยังเป็นข้อมูลเก่าอยู่ ถ้าเป็นไปได้ ดิฉันคิดว่าการสอนภาษาไทยแบบนี้ดีมากทีเดียว ฉนั้นจึงใคร่ ขอความกรุณาช่วย update ในกรณีที่เป็นไปได้ จักขอบพระคุณเป็นอย่างสูง ดิฉันชอบมากเลยนะค่ะ web-site คุณเป็นประโยชน์ทั้งคนไทยและชาวต่างชาติ

I would like to purchase some cd's. How can I?

I am trying to get some information on Thai music. I found your wonderful site and want to ask your assistance. I am a filmmaker and academic in the US, working on issues of gender and labor. I am producing a documentary called Transnational Tradeswomen, which focuses on women construction workers in Asia. One of the segments is shot in Thailand, with interviews from women from Isan, both skilled and manual laborers. My film showed as a work in progress at the Thai Studies Conference last year and I received some valuable feedback. I am trying to find some Thai music to use to introduce the segment. I thought perhaps you could help me. I'd really like to find an instrumental piece that used 1 or two traditional Thai instruments (not something overwhelming), an instrumental song, with a melody that sets a reflective mood, not a dance beat nor melancholy, but something that moves the story forward. I listened to a few cuts on your site, and wondered if you could suggest any music that I could use. I also don't want to violate anyone's rights.

Excellent website, I like this site so much I've placed a link to it from Keep up the good work!!

hi can i know thai e,mel into to order thai song at phone 3100>brand of phone

This website is better then some I have found in regards to the sextrade in Thailand although I still find the Thailand Police lacking in its duty to the citizens and tourists. Prostitution is illegal but noone is punished for owning bars that have prostitutes serving drinks, or men for picking up prostitutes or the prostitutes themselves. In the US any of the 3 would have their business shutdown, arrested for soliciting prostitution or for prostituting. Does Thailand not obey their own laws or is just the money from these men more important to them? With the spread of AIDS and the US going to assist foreign countries to study this disease shouldnt these countries be made to try and make a effort to stop the spread of the disease? Foreign men who are usually married or older that have to travel all the way to another country and pay a younger women to have sex with them seems insane to me. For some of them it is children they prey apon so why have laws and penalties then dont do anything about it seems a bad way to run a country and a bad reputation for a country to have or want.

what are five tips regarding cultural etiquette?

when is next year loi krathong?? if you can say me the dare i say thank youe before frank

And this one is very good as well especially clear picture of poster/cover from thai film dated back from 60s til up-to-date. It is in English.

What can you tell me about buriram as i am going to see my girl and not reak sure about things

Dear Editor, I'm currently researching on the history of Thai Horror films. Although you have cited a lot of Thai horror films in your segment, most of the them do not have an English title. I hope you're able to provide the English as titles as best as you can. That will really help me research a great deal. Thanks in advance.

A friend of mine who is Thai/Lao will be returning home after 5 years in the USA. I would like to by him a gift that would have meaning to him. Maybe a good luck piece. Something he would appreciate. He loves his culture, so I would like it to have that significance. Thank you.

a friend of mine has died and he visited thailand many times, i would like to know if a boat with candles, flowers and his picture in it would be a respectable way of a send off in thai. even though he was a westerner

I'm not sure if this website is still functioning and updated regularly. Anyway, I was searching for some information on Royal language and this website came up. I did read about the Rama IX, but I wasn't very impressed with some pieces of information. Being Thai myself, I feel that some information needs corrections. However, apart from slightly misconcepts about the Royal family members, the overall content is good enough to educate your readers.

A very good website with ample basic information for further investigation if necessary. Very good.

I really enjoy your website.. it is very informative and I am able to show people that Thailand is a very beautiful and exotic country, unlike what most westerns hear. Anyway my question is where could I find music like what you have on your website here in the United States or do you know of a website that sells this type of music? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you so much.

How i become the data from some birthday when i wil now what is de Buddha for my birthday. Sorry my eglish is not very well.

Put more Thai Love songs and singers and background and where to buy their CD

hi,thanks for your help. i am an american citizen, who like to go to thailand to know the country and meet the people of thailand,,i like to have information about , accomodation , like to know not so expensive prices for places to stay,,like "bed and bedfrast,", also nice places to visit,,how to get to know men and women for friendship and cultural exchange,,, give an idea how to get the information, also tell me about a newspaper ,that can place ad ad, for me,,,,the will be "looking for friend in thailand",, please email me

found this site by chance and am so pleased i did. a credit to the web masters. congratulations!!! keep it up

wonderful site. so happy to have found it. one thing, under music and thai pop music... it is china dolls, not china dools...good band...they also sing in mandarin chinese besides thai! would like to see more added to the site in future updates...can never get enough of thailand... what about a section on its universities? i studied there at rangsit university in pathumthaini. what about chulalongkorn, silaporn, mahidol universities...famous thammasat...

Hi, I was just listening to one of thai pop songs on your website. I reallyed liked Mai Pen Rai by Beau Sunita. Do you know where I could still find the CD? Thank you.

Great site... very informative. I have turned my family on to it so they can get the basics of where I have made my home for the last year. Thanks for having a great site.


Thank you for this site, I'm writing an article about muay thai and wanted some background about Thai culture - this site is very helpful. I would like to quote you in my article. Can you please tell me the name(s) of the author(s), so that I can include it in the article? I think it will look more professional to have a name, rather than the name of a website. Thanks very much!

I've worked in Thailand,just for a short period.And I'm interested in Thai culture,such as Buddism. And I know some dark side.I like to watch Thai old movies,so that I may understand things in Thai,more (Though just understand Thai,a bit,now).

Hello, My name is ------- ------,student in history and sociology at Marne la Vallee University (Paris,France) and Thammasat University,Bangkok. I'm currently starting a study about prostitution in Thailand in order to help people to understand the problem and to have clearer vue of the country. I rode an interesting paper on your website "Thailand's dark side" if I remember correctly. It seemed to be well documented and, to be honest, it could help me in my researches to meet or to talk about the problem with the author of this article. I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.

je trouve votre site fabuleux, etant d'ailleurs amoureux de la Thailande!

very nice

Nice website! but first I want to go through it.

how to explain for foreigners to be understand the money to pay in thai wedding why the groom have to pay the money for the bride and her family or her parents.How is it mean about that?

Thai World View is very informative. Continue the good work. As one person who love Thailand very much, I appreciate your work. When I miss my thai friends I just go to your website. Kop Khun kha and Sawasdee kha.

To the web master. A wonderful and comprehensive site. A very good place to get information about Thailand. Especially the photo of today. One comment.. Is it possible to change the size of the photos, so they can be used as desktop backbround?

SAWASDEE : Kah. You are the best ; when I get home sick I just open the site. Khob-Khun-Kah.

there are some really good photos on that site!

I'll have to admit I haven't read your whole site yet..... it seems that every time that I visit it I keep going back to the beautiful photo albums Welcome here....hope you'll visit and post often.

very educational site

Thanks for your nice site. I really enjoy! Thanks for looking at my pictures at pbase (indieke)

I lke the site. Nice to hear about it.

I am from the USA, not a "farang"!! I am interested in Thai lady.She is from Udon Thani and so far it looks like a beautiful place! I am planning a trip to Thailand early next year and wanted to know more about this so-called "Land of Smiles". I have spent several days searching the internet. I hve bought a book and CD to help me learn enough Thai so I may be able to communicate with people.I can find no one to teach me Thai in my city. I enjoyed reading everything you had to say..the pictures were beautiful, and nothing was boring! Knowledge is power..and you have gone into great detail to show people like me why I should come and visit. Thank you for creating a web site that shows the beauty of one's culture. :))

Good text. enligthening

I am only part way through, having only just discovered your wonderful site - please don't ever take it down! I came to it via a google search for Nang Kwak. I am addicted to Isan, Laos and Cambodia. So many things I have seen or heard, but not fully understood, are suddenly coming into focus as I read your pages. if ever you are looking at updating the religious pages, it would be very much appreciated if you could add material about the goddesses and the nuns. I had no idea that either existed before I encountered nuns at Ankor or before I came face to face with Mae Toranee in a shrine half way up a Lao mountain side in the Phu Dao ranges. The picture of the green bus to Loei certainly brought some memories back. The last time I caught a green bus it travelled from Ban Bo Bia to Uttaradit via Nam Pat, with the last 4 passengers squeezed on to the engine housing beside the driver. He had plenty of monks in the garlands under the mirror. We all arrived in one piece each. Again, many thanks for the work you have done. Rosanne McInnes (and addicted to Isan, Cambodia and Laos!)

Sawasdee kap. Khorb khun kap for a wonderfull web-site. I am an English Farang who lives and works in Thailand. I love all forms of Thai culture, lifestyle and music. I am trying to research the Thai psychadelic music scene in the late 1960's. I would love to know about Thai groups and singers who sung and recorded music in the 60's infulenced by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Who. etc.. I beleive Thai groups like Caravan and the Fox sang and recorded 60's rock. Can anyone out there please supply me more information on any 60's Thai psychadelic groups. Also can anyone please tell me, has Bangkok got a second hand flee market where i can purchase old 60's and 70's vinyl ie 45's EP's and LP's (not CD's). I have already checked out Jattujak market but could only find CD's for sale not old vinyl. Khorb khun kap mak mak. Bye

i would like to learn more about the nonverble the ones which are offensive to the culture.

Hi my name is Michael , i have a Thai girlfriend , ilive in New Zealand i am an Auto Electrican by trade and have worked for my self since the late 60 s , i am at the age where i want a change of pace and i am wondering if there is Government help or assistant for me to come and help farmers in the rural country side , like repaing water pumps repairing tractors welding ,thing s like that , i have a very wide mechanical experience,, if you need more imfo please email ( me also my ph , 09 ,4485099

Hello, I am looking for information about a statue I bought for my husband as a gift and would like to be able to tell him about the symbolism. It is a standing female Thai Buddha made of "monkey wood", and stands about 165cm tall. I have only found one image on your site that starts to ressemble it: the begging Buddha. Can you give me more info on this subject or links to webpages on the subject. Thank you very much,

Why don't you put who made the site and when, on it so that I can put in my bibliography for my assignment? Concerned student

the nang nak movie is the great movie i like it very much

Very informative and useful information. Great layout and graphic

Need help with good Law Firm in Khon Kaen to assist my Fiancee get her Fiancee Visa, can you help with data or info on this.

i dey here ok oooooooooooo

Hi, great website. I really enjoy browsing. However, found some mistake in this page. There are only 44 consonants in Thai language, not 45 as it states on this page. The "lor-lu" (between Lor-Ling and Wor-Waan) is not consonants. Sorry I can't type Thai now since I did not install thai keyboard in this computer.

Wow.. excellent write ups, nice photos... again.. informative. The whole "Dark Side" issue reminds me so much of Korea. There are sooo many wonderful areas in Korea to see, but the most popular places that service men frequent are the bars and bar/brothels or the hotels... I'm thinking about going back to Korea and shooting a few thousand photos to add to my memories. Nice web site

I have met a thai lady and now I will see her for 3 weeks. So im reading books about budhism and your country. I think your website is a very usefull source of information to me. esspecially interesting is thai culture and family relations

Your site is very informative. We just looked at it yesterday for the 1st time yesterday and there is a lot more to it than the home page leads you to believe .

hey i liked ur webbie but u could put how to spell thai writing x

Isan is not Thailand

Ok here is my experience with marrying Thai lady from Isaan. I knew her for 2 years from my usual hair salon in Bangkok - I had known the husband and wife owners for 6 years. I did not do (actually disdained) the usual bar scene in Bangkok (really disliked foreigners who made a life of Patpong, Nana, Pattaya etc .) and knew the risks of getting involved given cultural differences and language limitations. But after seeing her for about a year I did ask her to marry me. We never had sexual relations she always said that traditional Thai ladies needed to wait for I want a lot to have happy family, be a good husband and caretaker etc. for her and two daughters. This was genuine and the Thai smile all the time just encouraged all the more - I had really fallen for her. Engagement party was arranged by her boss (whom I knew for 6 years) and my office manager. I gave her a dowry of 1 million baht. Then my company was sold I was ordered back to the US which upset the planning. But she said she wanted to come and to give her children the opportunity of life in the US. I made plans for a fiancee visa which is the quickest route and then things started to happen. She wanted to come, not now, send money. Not now, send money; not now, send money etc. Sometimes she was totally out of touch could not reach by phone or through friends. I came back to Thailand quarterly but the situation continued on. Finally her boss arranged for an off duty policeman to tail her to figure out what was going on. Learned that she had two apartments in Bangkok (one for her and sister and one kwam lap secret for herself). She was living with a thai man (for entire time I knew her) meanwhile seeing a lot of her foreign customers from hair salon. She had spent money on her parents home and bought a car for herself. while I was waiting for not now, later in the US. All in I had given 2.7 million baht. I returned to Bangkok to fix the problem and on my return she did not see me for 4 months. Then it was because she needed money. I asked why, what happened to the 2.7 million baht. Then I found out it was to pay the balance on the 700 000 baht car she had bought which was the first I had learned of that. It was then that I decided what a fool I had been and decided to cut and run.

Great site. I have been enjoying your site for some time now and have found it to be a good refrence in helping grow my understanding into the Thai culture and people. As of yet have not tried your links, but intntend shortly. Appreciate information on Isan a lot. Keep up the good work.

I read about your site in the Database section i. understanding a truly unique people.

We are going to thailand again for the 13th time!!! We should like to know when is Wan Khao Phansa this year. We like to take part in the Vien Tien evening in the temple. Which date is this Vien Tien this year (2005)??

I hope that you can help me. For a school assignment I am looking for information about 14th century Thai culture. Family life, dress, food, jobs, entertainment, adult and children's roles in society.... I cannot find anything online or at my library. Can you please help?

We operate an ethical professional Anglo Thai marriage agency for decent gainfully employed Thai ladies to meet sincere marriage minded Western men from all over the World. We both honour respect and enthusiastically embrace Thai culture. We are VERY impressed with your website - particularly the Thai family pages. To this end, we would like to seek your permission to use some of the text from the two mentioned pages above on our "Thai Etiquette" or "Advice" pages of our website. Please visit our website and let us know if you are willing to allow this.

Your site is great. Thanks

Your website is very helpful to people interested in Thailand and Thai culture. We wish you all the luck.

A great website; lots of well presented information. I'd be interested to see what you think of my Thai recipe website at

I was looking at your site and like it a lot. I did find one error on it and thought I would bring it to your attention. The picture of the American volunteers holding the fish at: The shot is actually of a group of US Navy SEALs at Coronado Beach off the coast of California holding an oarfish. The picture was taken in 1996. See:

This is a very good collection of information about Thailand for a 'farang' - like a good school book. Thank you (khop khun maak krap)

I was looking for information about gold being stolen from Thai temples and mummies being stripped of their gold. This is now a tourist site for visitors. I would like more information regarding this topic. Thank you


Votre site est tres complet et tres bien renseigne.

Great site! I'll be back often! Really makes me homesick to go back. I lived in Chiang Mai in the late 1970's, and again, of-and-on , in the late 90's. Feels like home.

Hi, like your site. You can check out my site if you like. It's and you can post photos in the gallery. No worries, it's free. IT's my Thailand site. Like yours.

Please link my website to your wonferful one. It is an English website on Thai cinema. Although there are a few info in some menu and very few on the indie group, please take patient and I hope it will be increased in the future. Please take a look at Any comment is welcome.

I found your website about ThaiWorldView. Is is possible to buy a book about all this os is it only on the internet available? When I can buy this book please let me know what te price will or that I van buy the book somewhere in the Netherlands.

I like your site!

I enjoyed browsing your website. I like the page on Thai horror movies. I'm especially interested in Thai ghost stories such as the tale of Mae Nak. Would you please tell me if there are any other places where I can look for Thai ghost stories. I can read Japanese, French and Spanish.

Congratulations! I came across this site while I was surfing the web looking for something interesting to learn. I am from Italy and wish you all my warmest regards. Bye. Paolo

I don't no what to say. very good websites, thank you and happy new year 2005!

I appreciate your sincere effort in making this web site a reliable and informative one. Keep up the good work and keep the content current. Thailand is definitely a wonderful place. My family and I have just returned from a trip to Thailand and we had so much fun over there.


I just checked out the site; it has an excellent collection of basic Thai customs, beliefs, values, society etc. - just what you were looking for, I especially like how the writers contrast traditional and modern values on many aspects of social life. However, there are few other things the site covers in-depth, such as the seedier side of Thailand. Info on the site is a bit more slanted towards Isaan life and the Northeastern culture. The writer's use of English is a bit strange at times. As I understand, the site is the product of Thai-French collaboration, so that's okay, I guess. During the hour or so that I spent on the website, I discovered a few inaccuracies. For instance, the writers accuse Vietnam-war era GIs for the 'materialization and flourishment' of Thai prostitution, when in reality the trade existed and was widely practiced a long before Thailand became an R&R destination - the GIs just gave it a boost. Another terribly misleading part is citing a study that 20 men out of the questioned 80 are polygamous. Is that enough to declare that 25% of Thai men are polygamous? Things like this should indicate that you should treat info on that site with some caution. There were a few other bits of misinformation, only apparent to those living in the country. Despite these, I think the site is still an excellent one-stop source for info about Thailand - but Thailandlife is better, IMO

Cool website ! very good !!!

Very good. I will come back again. Thanks,

I am doing research for a book and am looking for more information on Thai names. I found your section on family very helpful, but I have a few questions and wonder if you know someone who can help. Thanks so much for the great site!

Another good site for short 'essays' on Thai culture is: It is much less of a personal take on thailand but has really good 'snap-shot' summaries of all aspects of Thai life. It also has a forum but it is very quiet. It is very much worth a look at for the cultural stuff though, especially for newcomers or first timers.

A NICE SITE. It looks like you put in a lot of work on this site I have also built a Thai site. the link is THIS SITE IS A GROWING SCRAPBOOK. THE SITE IS THE CURRENT HISTORY OF AN AMERICAN AND THAI FAMILY, LIVING JUST OUT SIDE OF BANGKOK, THAILAND. THIS SITE WAS DESIGN SO THAT FUTURE GENERATIONS WILL HAVE A GOOD LAUGH. When I get around to building a thai portal i will inculde your site. feel free to add my site to yours. have a good day. GOODSTUFF

This is a very detailed and informative website. I think it is primarily valuable for the westerner who comes to visit. Many good insights are provided which should help the tourist avoid embarrassing situations. I lived in Bangkok for 4 years when assigned to JUSMAGTHAI and the US Embassy. The Thai people treated me with characteristic hospitality and respect. I always tried to do the same. Sites like yours are very important in trying to educate people about the culture in a realistic way. Otherwise negative stereotypes which are very damaging will prevail and Thailand will only receive bad tourists. Thanks Again,

I did a google search on "thai movies" and found your page. Your explanation on the culture behind Thai movies and the like and dis-like was on the money. It was very entertaining; I couldn't help but smile as I was reading it. The pictures on your site were also very beautiful. It made me miss my grandparents even more.

HELLOS FROM TURKEY... We are waiting tough Thai university students for 2005 WORLD UNIVERSITY SUMMER GAMES - Izmir / TURKEY. And.. here is my humble web page to give some information and tips to sweet Thai student already ! Regards... PS : Come with a mask and snorkel anyway :) PS to Webmaster : Great web page.. felt little jealosue but.. BRAVO !

How can a person get some of the movies that you have displayed on your website? Are the movies master copies or a copy of the master? I am an American and my wife is Thai. If the price is not too expensive, we would like to start a library of some of the older movies between 1980 and 1990.

Would like to point out a mistake about the life story of Phra Achan Lee. He did NOT leave the monkhood,get married, and have children. He did, however, IMAGINE the consequences had he done so (leave monkhood, get married etc) and decided it was NOT what he wanted. Also, unless the person who wrote the article could actually discern the mind of Phra Achan Lee while he was meditating, it would not be fair and accurate to write that the Thai people actually "pretend that when meditating, Phra Achan Lee reached different levels of concentration and was able to command mosquitoes not to bite him and tigers not to attack him". It is disrespectful, and even to be scientific, not seeing does not mean not happening. We do not know whether it is true, and for what we do not know, it is not useful to deride it as being pretense or unreal. To be objective, the word "believe" can substitude "pretend"; also, these people might have actually seen with their own eyes what happened to Achan Lee while he was in concentration, so "pretend" is definitely not an apt word. Furthermore, I very much doubt Achan Lee has "commanded" the mosquitoes and tigers not to attack him, nor what the Thai people believed; more likely, it could be that the Thai people believed that the animals simply cannot do Achan Lee harm while he was in concentration.

Your site is sooooooooo great. I already wrote you an email about it. The buses, the flower girlands, the food.... THAT IS REALLY Thailand... and i like how you write about the "dark side of thailand" cause it'S an important problem... the pictures are so interesting and they say much to the viewer... the music is a special thing, good idea! and the text, i have to say, you haven't wrote too much, but that is good, because i easily want to read things that aren't much text.. Your site is soo cool!! I always searched for a site like this one in the internet, THANK YOU!!!

Excellent site with some fantastic images. Love the pictures of the Thai temples and the Buddha statues. Well done (

A lot of truth in this. These cultural differences are significant. While I'm wrong more about near Udon Thani, Loei and here, in turn, has considerable influence on Laos. Coz we will go and see. For those interested, I have a brilliant site about Thailand (a lot is also in particular to Isaan, but not necessarily on tourism but on people, history, beliefs and ceremonies) best to enter the SITEMAP because it's very easy to navigate and explore all the (very interesting) corners of the sites.

I was wondering how I can order some of the pictures you have on display on this site...

Even though I think you have a very interesting and insightful website, I am a little disappointed by your views on Thai men and woman on your pages about Thai culture. I have experienced a much more modern Thai culture than the one you describe. You describe a very oldfashioned and traditional viewpoint whereas most young Thai men and women nowadays are very self-confident, independent, and intelligent. There is a large number of Thais who are well traveled, educated, successful in their careers, and have a loving and supportive family. The vast majority of the women that I know nowadays work and contribute as much to the household income as the men, sometimes even more. Women go to college, enjoy great education and freedom - much more than you make it sound like. Arranged marriages are virtually unknown. And sex or premarital sex is happening much more than you think - but that's okay, it is not considered such a "dirty" thing any longer. Many couples live together before getting married, to test out their relationship. Dating is very common now in Thailand, and you don't just devote your life to the first boyfriend/girlfriend that you meet. Many of my friends have their own apartment instead of living with their parents, however it doesn't mean that they are not close to their family and don't love or respect their parents. On the topic of Thai women and western men: the reason why you think that most Thai women date or marry Caucasian men is a little insulting, and I know many Thai men who are wonderful persons and make great and loving boyfriends or spouses. One perfect example is my 100% Thai father who has always treated my mother, myself and my sister as equals, provided love and affection to us, and even helps out with household chores. My boyfriend is Caucasian, but I did not pick him because of the reasons that you listed - I did not pick him because of his race or ethnic background but I picked him because of our common background and upbringing, our shared values and goals, viewpoints and humour, because I trust, respect and admire him. He, on the other hand, did not pick me because I am some exotic or demure Thai woman, but because of the reasons listed above and much more. It would be nice for you to depict all facets of Thai society and culture, instead of painting a picture that makes Thai women appear weak and dependent, and Thai men selfish and dominant. Maybe you should start interviewing more Thais of all ages and ask their opinion to represent a larger population. I hope you will consider some of the things I wrote, and show not only the traditional parts of Thailand and Thai society, but also the new and modern part of Thailand. Other than that, I did enjoy your website. Thank you!

Nice site


Hello, my compliments for this nice website and photos! Please come see my website and photos sometime? ( Best regards from Tom.

I was wondering if you have photographs of different thai traditional dresses with its name in Thai and English

I'm disappoined not having looked at the site for a long time that you have not expanded the music part. There are also some mistakes here I think. You still say luktung came from issan, this is not true at all although many luktung singers now do and also morlam singers sing luktung as it is more commercial. Luktung developed from the folk music and traditions of central thailand and most of the ealry lutung singers did no come from issan at all but from the central regions, especially Supahnburi area. This style was only named luktung in 1964. As the years went by some luktung has had more and more of an issan feel as in luktung issan or modern luktung, whatever you want to call it where lao instruments and rythms are often used in luktung songs, However it's not true to say that luktung is from issan. Morlam and kantrum are from issan. Also some of the styles of morlam quoted I have never seen anywhere else, although there are at least 15 styles I don't think I have seen molam deun mention anywhere else, do you have a source for this?

your website is very good. i could learn about thailand's cultures alot. you made very good work. i am from laos, and i enjoy to study about thai society, thai culture and other things. it is very informative. i can take some informations to do my reports at university. enjoy your working.

very good~!!^^*

One of the best sites about Thai language and culture

No Sanskrit... all English

I really enjoyed coming to this site. Even though I am half Lao and half Thai and younging at the age of 13 it is really nice to know about the Thai culture since my grandparents dont speak much of it. I live in California(USA)and as you know it is a long way from the Asian World. After looking through this site,I would love to see Thailand up close.

สวัสดีครับ อยากทราบความเกี่ยวข้องของพิธีโกนผมไฟกับพุทธศาสนาพิธีโกนจุกด้วยขอบคุณครับ

hello, sending email to you is very didfficult so i try this way. i'd like to comment about 2 topics you wrote for music and sport. music - Poompuang is from Suphanburi province which is in the central part of Thailand. She is not from isaan at all . sport- You should use SOME instead of the whole thai people. The main reason why Thai women do not wear swimming suit is SHYNESS. Even thai men, they wear short. Darkess, hot and being almost naked under the strong sunshine is extreamly hot and dangerouse to skin. We too much get used to it. Farangs who are not shy and love sunshine that they rarely find in their own country are excepted. Thai super stars now have dark skin. Llookkreung also popular just because they looks "strange and modern" but this look will no longer in "trend" anymore. I'm a Thai man and this is what i think . It's sound silly to mee and my girl friends to read what you wrote about why thai women not wear swimming suit just because they afried of sunshine.

I do believe that honesty is the best part of this site.

I am most favorably impressed with the coverage you're providing readers. During the coming weeks, I intend to read the items of information you've written, which I'm sure I will enjoy. I'm fascinated with the beauty of Thailand, its people, culture, and society. If Thailand was not so far away, my wife and I would be visiting Thailand (probably) every year.

Thank you for informing me more about Isan. I have travelled there and know the people are kind hearted. Your information has encouraged me to visit Isan again and explore more. Also the issues you have mentioned that face Isan people have made me think it would be good for me to live and work there. I have been considering working there for some time getting an English language certificate to teach and think Isan would be better than Bangkok and more rewarding in terms of sharing with people. I am sorry that you have had few comments that angrily criticise the Isan Thai people. They are hardworking and their traditions and culture are honest because of the rural farming life.

An excellent site, well designed and very informative which I have immediatly linked to my own The best site I have seen on Thai society, religion and culture

Hi, I want to thank you for taking time to write all this valuable information and I'm sad for those people who don't value all the work you've accomplished for all this time of serious working, and I wish to tell all the people who come here and give remarks about grammar and spellings all the time, stop doing that, show respect to this/these teatcher(s) of Thai, they deserve it, and all your confusion of it is your own fault of your own individual lack of understanding, don't close yourself on one point in the mind, expand and release, guess the meaning of the inner sentance. And to those who critisize Thai, you lack of too much things and don't see it's you who has the problem, you are the error of your own life. Stop embarrass yourself and keep your mouth silent until you figure out why you got selfdestructive attitude. I hope they who works on this site removes your sentances so you not need to live with the shame whole your life. and now, keep up the good work teacher! I have to go now, pai non loey! :-)

We have visited your web-site and find it of a VERY HIGH QUALITY.

Respectfully submitting to you that your views regarding foreigners may be somewhat different than what our reality is. For most women in America, work is a necessity in order to help support the immediate family and women that stay home are considered to have no value in our society. When the feminist movement renewed itself in the 1960's, women were encouraged by these socialist activists to actively join in the work force. Women work cheaper than men, more factories will hire women for this reason. The competition that this has created has resulted in men's wages decreasing. Men are no longer able to allow their wives to stay at home to care for their families. All of the tension that this has placed on families has our divorce rate going through the roof and many divorced mothers must request help from our welfare system. You realize this is not good on our economy because this drives the taxes higher which means the wages decline in comparison to the cost of living. Also, with women working instead of guiding, nurturing, and caring for their families, moral decay is taking over our nation. Does Thailand support gay marriage? Do your children take guns to school to kill each other because they are going through identity crises? Do lesbian leaders tell your women that they need to participate in lesbianism and bisexuality and that it is a proper form of getting in touch with the spiritual non-sexuality of all humans? Do your televison programs feature homosexuality for your children to watch? Do you teachers tell your children that they need to accept homosexual lifestyles? Before the 1960's women were still in the homes and premarital sex was a no-no and televison programs were still centered around traditional family core values. Prostitution in Thailand--oh my golly, you have no idea how much prostitution and drugs and all of that nasty stuff that is here. The breakdown of the family is the worst thing that can happen in any society. Would you want to see a 3 year old left at home alone because the mother has no choice but to work yet does not make enough money to have child care and lives to far away from any family members that might be able to help because she has to live where the work opportunity exists? Maybe you have not heard these things about our country, but this is happening all the time. With the living conditions on the decline and workers unable to meet the cost of living, the workers are getting poorer. The majority of Americans are below the poverty level (our poverty standard may not be the same as yours, but considering America's standard of life before the 1960's, it has significantly and continually gone done). Please keep the traditional family core values alive and don't allow what has happened here to happen there as well. A lot of us Americans are so fed up with our society and are trying to have others in our society rethink their ideology before it is too late. I wish you all the best life has to offer and may it include peace of mind and spirit, harmony in all endeavors, and of course health.

I found some mistakes in "language" topic. RAMA street in Thai is read "PHRARAM" not *RATCHAKAN. There are many PHRARAM roads and bridges in Bangkok such as Phraram 9 road, Phraram 8 bridge and..more but RAMA is uses when it is in English.

I'd like in first, to congratulate you for the amazing work that you doing with the site, plus informative and elucidative about questions that I always wanted to know and never found information before, like thai horror movies, for example... By the way, I been caught myself watching that Phi Ta Bo short scene in Windows Media Player a lot of times, and being more and more curious about the movie. Unfortunately, I searched it everywhere in cyberspace, unsuccessfuly. So, I decided to write to you and ask some information about it and how to order Phi Ta Bo in any format (VHS, DVD, VCD, DVD-R). Even director, cast and year of the movie will be welcome and a lot useful I believe... I thank you since now and hope that you keep doing this unbelievable work, spreading thai cinema to the other planet places. Regards from a brazillian horror and collector fan

Hello, I m Thai student. i found this site by chance and i just finished reading only thai dark side which i found very interesting to me. Well, Your website is very informative for people who what to know what thailand is like. I promis i will read all topics here. Sorry for my English.

well done

น่าจะลดภาพการเล่นสงกรานต์ที่เป็น splash car อาจจะมีไว้ 1-2 ภาพและอธิบายว่าไม่ใช่ประเพณีที่ถูกต้อง และควรมีภาพการรดน้ำดำหัวผู้ใหญ่ที่ถูกต้องแสดงความอ่อนน้อม อ่อนโยน ขอบพระคุณคะ

I thoroughly enjoy the ThaiWorldView website and appreciate all the effort that has gone into making it such a complete site for the NorthEast Isan area of the country. I was planning to make such a site but with the outstanding work that you have done have totally abandoned those plans opting to include a link from our family home page instead. Please send email address for the webmaster I would like to know him/her better. Thank you very much for a job well done.

Hello. I'm a 16yr. old Thai American. Both my parents are from Thailand. I visited the site to find information on Thai wedding traditions for a research paper. So far, out of all the sites I've been to, this is the best one. It was very informative and helped me a lot. Thanks so much.

Hello! I really enjoyed your page about Thailand! I am just curios of what kind of company you are and what your purpose with the page is. I would also like to know who wrote "Thailands dark side" and from where the information is taken. Thank you!!!

Hi, I'm a college student and I began to write an essay comparing the culture of Thailand to that of America. You're site is not only the best site for this purpose but it's just one of the best sites I've ever visited. It's very in-depth yet easy to understand. I also especially enjoy the music clips. It really gave me a look into Thai culture and also developed an interest. I just thought I'd give credit where credit is due and say, "Great job!"


I lived in Thailand many years. I am currently putting all my parents slides into DVD format to share with others the beauty and wonder of Thailand. I was born in Bangkok and lived in ISSAN most of my youth. Harvested rice with two sticks, spoke LAO and ate bahlah. Your site is well done.

Hi! I haven't rated all aspects of your site as I came in specifically to look at funerals. I have today found your section on Thai funerals and it is very helpful for me to see and understand a little bit more. Thank you for providing the helpful site and information. best wishes

Is the good web site for surf.

I have lived in Thailand. My wife is Thai, from Isaan. This site is very useful for showing our Children what Isaan is really like. It semms very accurate. Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for this website. It reflects perfectly the ideas that I have about Thailand since 1976. Yet, even after all these years you are able to add details to my knowledge of Thailand. Details for which I'm very grateful. Your website is definitely one of the best, if not the best, when it comes to getting reliable information about Thailand.

Very Good work, i like very much Would like to see more

I travel all over the world. Thailand is my favorite place to visit, work, and vacation. Thai people are wonderful. I love the thousands of years of culture, the food, the historic sites, beaches, and even the weather. Thai women are the most beautiful women on earth and Buddhism is a beautiful way of life. God bless the King and Queen Mother and Thai people. I am glad to receive this newsletter to remind me of my Thai friends and their great hospitality.

I thouroughly enjoyed your site and plan on bookmarking it. Thank you for answering a lot of questions, and truely enllightening me.

its really a GOOOoood site, full of information with great flow.i like it so much....especially topics on society and family,wish u all the beeeest.

Every country has a 'Dark Side'...just as every country has a 'Bright Side'. I'm proud to be able to say that my Thai wife is a shining example of the 'Bright Side' of the beautiful country of Thailand.

I read the dark side of thailand completely.I think male guide in thailand is one of the reasons that let people come for sex according to my travel experience in thailand in 2001 . Once we arrived in pataya, guide led us to the sauna parlor .I know he would get tip if we had received the body massage service . All in all , the fact that people relate thailand with sex is a long history accumulated result . I wanted to watch nice thai tradition dance , but no guide showed me the way .only once ,just too simple ,not good as I watched by tv in china. I would go to qingmai next time traveling to thailand ,so I may watch the beautiful traditional dance

Very nice ande pleasant site to visit! It shows all the aspects of Thai life and society. Very complete!

With compliments !!! Your web site is the only I known that give a lot of information about I-San. Thailand neglect I-San. I'm an Italian man who discovered the ancient ex-Kmer region of Thailand two years ago. I look a lot of I-San girls who leave their family to go work in Pattaya........ You can say I'm latin, I'm romantic, I'm dreamer, but I hope in the future they don't need to sell their dignity to eat. Sawasdee Krap and Chok dee.

As a history professor who has travelled in and written about Thailand, I think this is one of the best sites I've ever seen introducing and explaining the country and its people. Great job!

I have lived in Bangkok for the last eight winters and love it all! The people are friendly, the scenery magnificent and the food is absolutely perfect. I love your country and its culture. Thank you for an interesting site.

I am a current subscriber, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for this very informative and wonderful website. You have helped me a lot. -One of your biggest fans.

great site,love the music,love Thailand and the beautiful people and the activities this magnificent country has to offer.

great site!!!but,how where do we buy the movies,cds,vcds, and dvd at??

II find this web site a help especially when I miss Thailand whcih is every day. However, I will retire to Bangkok 30 Sep 03 but will still check this wb site out on occasion

I've been more then 60 times already to that always amazing country, i love it,and visiting your site today just made me feel lonely in Belgium after listening to the thai music Congratulations,go on with your site.

Thank you for your informative site and i hope my question. Very best regards

The BEST site ever. Its bitter-sweet in some sujects, but it s a fax. I recommend to any one who want to know anything about THAILAND. Great job.

I did not have the time to overlook the total. It's a very large and interesting site but just because of this measurement not real to judge about all frames. So far its great in my opinion.

I like the site very much. Is there a way to find out about a low fee way to study Thai?

I enjoyed your site very much the information is very helpful for a farang like me. My daughter is Thai and your site gives her great pride. My only suggestion would be to include information on Thai arts and crafts

I don't know what to said all I can said is thank you for all the culture and histories about ThaiLand the land of smiles the Land I love.

I love the clear presentation and colour

I appreciate the efforts it must have taken you to create and update this website with articles, information, and photogrpahs. It must have been a tremendous amount of work. I want to make a suggestion. The use of the English language is adequate, but there is room for improvements. The idiomatic usage of the English is rough, and it is apparent that these articles were not written by native English speakers. It is probably best to have an American, Canadian, Briton, Australian, or New Zealander proof read these articles and make necessary editing before actual posting.

I am doing a research project on Buddhism, and I used graphics from your site. For my bibliography, I need to site the author of your wonderful website. Could you please email me the author of your site? Thanks so much!!

Wow! What a great site. I spent a few months teaching in thailand (Nong Khai) last year and this site really explains the Thai way of life and culture very well.....congratulations! Would be great to see more photos....especially of the isaan area!

Excellent. Makes my day much better when I receive your newsletter. Of course it does not substitute for being back in Thailand. But, in the near future all that will change :-)

its a great website


The idea of your Web-site is very good and interesting. I really like it. Only I concern is that the way of explaining the religions especially Buddhism. The language is too simple to pull people to interested in reading the story. There are many interesting Web-site about Buddhism if you want to look it up. I hope you can get some idea on that.

My son will marry a young Thai woman. I am very happy he sent this site to me so I can learn more about Thai culture. Thank You.

The images of Thais ; should be present in both sides good / bad in the same maner .

I'm very impressed with your well laid out and informative site. I particularly like your section on Isan as I have been to Korat during the Surinari festival (not sure if this is spelt correctly. Although this may be a sensitive issue I do think there could be more on the politics and economics of Thailand, Tiger economies,relationships with neighbours ie. Burmese junta ,pollution,migrant workers,the sex industry etc. I do not mean to critisize at all your wonderful site but I do feel farang should know more about what lies behind smiing Thailand. I look forward to reading your newsletter.

I find the whole site of interest and hope to visit the Country soon. I also encounter a number of Thai people here in the UK.



I lived in and around Chiang Khan, Loei from January 1964 until December 1965. It does not seem like life has changed much for the Thai farmer in the past 40 years. That disturbs me. I may just write a book about who is responsible for, and why this distressing condition exists.

This site is really useful for my homework on the impacts of tourism on Thai! ---- (^_^)-------

Excellent Site...Ive enjoyed reading the updated newsletters when they come.

Thank you Thailand as I visited already 2 times and want to visit again in March.....Hope I can find a sweet Thai girl for a loving and sweet wife. Thailand is the land of smiles and it deserves respect,love, and caring......Peace.

I do not agree with some of the previous negative comments regarding Buddhism. I am also Thai and a devote Buddhist living in the US for the past 30 years. All religious is all the same, you have to believe on your faith, doesn't matter where your origin is. People who is negative about religious is generally is negative about their own life and I feel pitty for them - however, I will prayer to buddha for them. Thank you. Also, I would like to comment on your website, generally to be very interesting and informative but would like to say that the negative article (Thailand Dark Side) should not be publicize. Thank you.

Nice site! It would be more nice if you had a calendar for 2003? Also, would you know where I can find a calendar that shows the speicial monk days so we know when to light our candle each week? (It think it's every 2 or 3 days)

Fantastic. Keep up the great work as this is an exceptional web site for us expatriots who have fallen in love with things Thai.

I am very excited about finding this web site. I am no stranger to Thailand having been visiting since 1968. I am one of the U.S. Airmen (Takhli) that found this beautiful country as my 2nd home. Although I work in Germany, I think Thai, eat Thai food, and think about my Thai friends and my son. Thank you.

I very much enjoyed visiting your web site. This is my first time and I will return often. I lived in Thailand for 3 years and now live in the USA. So I miss everything about Thailand. Your web site helps me remember the wonderful times I spent in Thailand. I can't wait to return soon

excellent site... give great insight into thai culture and lifestyle.... i would like to see more thai - english translation... like phrases etc....

This is my first time visiting your website. It is interesting one. I'm Thai. I love my country much. Thailand is the same as every country in this world having both bright and bad sides. It depend on what you want to see and view and how you tell and explain the foreigner to understand the differences between our country and another countries. I hope your website can be the one media to guide the foreigners and help them to understand our customs better. Because I'm Thai woman , it's hurt when we are all blamed being involved with sex. Many of us have and live in our way of life which is simply and peaceful. It is unfair. I have read about Thai wedding. Anyway, I'm not admired with your words about the guess, you said "The number of guests in a Thai wedding is always a weird mystery. It is difficult to know the number of guests because invited persons might not come and uninvited persons might come. In Thailand nobody refuses an invitation in order that the person that invites doesn't lose face. In westerner countries, people always answer to wedding cards. Thai people don't answer and so the number of guests is not known exactly. Guests might come with or without their children, with or without friends". Yes, In our custom, it is difficult to now the number of guess, but our invitation cards are different from invitation cards in foreigners' norm. In western country, you can see RSVP or regrets only with telephone no. on the bottom left of cards, so the guesses can reply whether they can come or not. On the othe hand, we don't have that in our invitation norm. You shouldn't say like we have bad habit don't reply cards and that doesn't mean because the invitators will lose their faces. That isn't a right reason. The same as you have wrttien in school tropic. I don't like this word much. Lastly, I hope you will continue create a good things and reasons in both sides. I just hope you will increase more details and reasons why we do that, what is our custom and background.

On the whole, I would say this website is really impressive and informative. Very well written indeed. In fact, I was quite taken to find such topic as Animism (or Black Magic) being described here which is not very wide known to the Western world. Having said this, I wish to point out a misquotation on a section at Thailand Dark Face, i.e. Is there a Solution's 3rd paragraph. Here it quoted that "According to the teaching of Buddha, women are less valued than men". I believe this is an inaccurate fact and it could have been misinterpreted. Generally speaking, Buddhism teachings do not differenciate a person's age nor gender. And as far as I'm concerned, I don't recall hearing such statement being mentioned by any Buddhist monks, or abbots, or scholars, or even believers. It would be better, in my opinion, if such statement be revised to avoid any misunderstanding on Buddhism religion. It is a sensitive issue after all. Thank you.

Great site !! One for my Favourites folder ! I also will put a link on my website to your site, because it's really great, all the info you want and still sober, not too many flashy things, and that's the way i like it, thank you ! Please visit our site also at , for now it is still only in Dutch. Please check out your form, because I HAVE to mark a boring topic, but there's nothing boring about your site for me....

Hi there I have visited your site many times and always like it. I particularly like your content about Thai food. It is accurate and very much just I found it when I visited ISAN area and bangkok and other places. I would like to know more about Thai food history and why Thai people like to cook the way they do. For example it is very common to use a mortar and pestle and grind up the chilli and ginger and garlic and other ingredients before adding to the food. - Great site.

"Thai Buddhism", "Thai Dark Side" are most INTERESTING for what they DON'T say. Be honest! Any Farang here for more than 5 hours knows that Thais exploit each other, Farangs AND Buddhism! Buddhism is about love and compassion. It is NOT about lying, cheating, and stealing from other human beings, using the excuse "they are just Farangs" or "We so poor; they so rich". Fake smiles, and 10 Baht(stolen from a Farang) worth of flowers and incense to Lord Shakyamuni once or twice a week does NOT excuse an ugly, dirty life. There's no merit in an offering, without shame and resolution to change. Thais claim to be Buddhists, but many DO lie, cheat and steal from "rich" Farangs every day. Some Thais live in great wealth; many more are shameless liars/cheaters/thieves/prostitutes of/to Falangs and other Asians (Japanese, Hong Kong/Taiwan). Thailand does NOT deserve it's past reputation of a beautiful and gentle people with a long and fascinating history. The tourist industry's lies and omissions WILL FAIL. All of us Farangs go home eventually. Many of us will tell the truth. Thailand is far from what it once was. Truth will destroy your lies and your livelihood. Laos is what Thailand once was. Cambodia is closer to Thailand's reputation then Thailand is! Myanmar is starting to accept foreign visitors on a large scale. The REALThailand (the ugly, lying, greedy and rude illiterate Thailand) will fail. It will lose. Thailand, if it was a person, would be a "smiling, lying, cheating whore in an orange robe". May you get what you deserve.

The language needs to be edited. The site is really very good - a nice overview of Thai culture. The pictures are high quality and interesting. I compliment you on a fine job. Have you had a chance to look at ?

Your site was by far the best site I came across in helping my daughter with her Thailand project.. Great pictures and very easy to understand.

We have visited Thailand on 5 occasions, the last in June 2001 (which was too hot to enjoy), however, we love the people, love Bangkok, altho' found it a lot harder to get around because of the Skytrain pillars. Its fantastic to enjoy all the things we love thru' your website, keep it up please

Hi there. I have been looking for info about thailand several month now. And ur site have answered many of the questions i still had. I really enjoyed ur site and just wanted to than u for a great work. I hope u will continue it :)

It would be nice if you put students's pictures on the web. I meant university students. I really want to know what kind of uniforms they wear on a daily basis to school. And I request that you put up more pictures overall the web is cool with lot of informations and details. YOU did a good job keep up the work.!!

I love this web site real excelent my Wife Thai we real enjoy it thanks

I found your website very enjoyable and most informative.

I think this site is an a great idea to show others who don't know much about Thailand. So this is the closer they can get about Thailand and I think this site is ok to show them about Thai cultures and more.

I've not had enough time to go through all the site, which is why much of the above form is incomplete, but I love what I've seen. I shall return often. I've visted Thailand several times since the late '70's, and will return again in December 2002. Since the '70's I have, of course, read many guide books but your site shows me Thailand from a Thai viewpoint, warts and all. I especially read with interest "Thailand's dark face", which put into perspective for me many of the moral problems which I had tried, but failed, to understand. I think your website presents an honest and open view of Thailand to world, and for that you are to be congratulated.

I like your news very much...please continue...I am very anxious to hear anything about Thailand and its people and language...please some more information on the language and how to communicate in an easy way....I studied some words and sentences for myself....Please go on....I am very interested...


Sa wat dee krup I loved to read about ISAN and the hard times of the farmers and people there. I am sad that a government department like forestry does these horrible things and does not understnad the needs of the farmers and local people. I have been there (That-Phanom) and by thirdclass train from Udon Tani - southward. I wish I could help, but have little money for you. But I am so pleased that you can present this web site and allow people from around the world to learn and understand about the people and culture and environment of ISAN. I hope that in the future someone can help you and the people of ISAN area in the North East of Thailand to have a better more enjoyable and rewarding life. thank you also for peresenting this in English. I think you did a good job.

Hi one more time. This time I read your pages about the dark side of Thailand. (Actually not of Thailand but of a few foreign men who make it horrible.) I have learned about the bad things in Pattaya. I have been to this place with my fiance' who is Thai and comes from the North East. She and I were feeling horrible to be there because of so many foreign men with Thai ladies who might have been involved in the sex industry. I was embarressed and so was my fiance' (future wife). We did not want to be in Pattaya for very long. We did not think that this was a true reflection of Thai culture and society. - Just a bad part but not everywhere. I am sorry for to you for all the foreign men who behave in such a horrible way to Thai women and to Thai children. I hope that Thai women have a much better opportunity for a good life in the future and that they no longer need to particiate in this foreign man's fantacy. I also appaud you for writing an honest and real view of the problems that face Thai women and the poorer country people of Thailand. This is very good. I hope one day that a documentry about this can be made for viewing around the world and to show the Thai Government how they can help the Thai people in better ways. But onething I would wish for is that there be education for the people Bangkok and other Thai cities/Towns, that if a Thai women is with a foreign man like myself, it does not mean she is a bad women or the man is after sex. I was very sad for my future wife when I learned that people were thinking that she was invloved in bad things because she was with me and loved me and wanted to share her Thai culture with me. I blame this on the GI's of the Vietnam war and the thoughtless people who only look on the surface of the people they see or meet. This is not restricted to foreigners, but I find in some Bangkok people who are only looking on the surface. An open mind is important for wisdom and learning.

i glad to see about this friend from Nz sent it to me.but i would like you add more about Thailand.i will send this web for friend another country.

great site im using it for a school research paper i learned alot of new things i did not know about buddhism

Need information on how foreigners can start a business without the hassels of bad lawyers. Need extensive information about moving too, and getting organized in Thailand. Anyway, love the site and keep up the good work...

Very good. I have been to Thailand and will go again in the next five weeks. Your web site is fantastic and I will be studing it before my next trip.

Altho it did not answer all of my questions I found your site to be very interesting and very well presented. Thankyou.

Sorry very difficul to use I don't know how to go inside this website just see only the first page So don't know how to comment

Thank you! I'm 12 and I think this is a great site. I found all the info I was looking for and I'll be sure to recomend it to anyone interested in Thailand.

I'm traveling to Isan for the first time in two months. Thanks for all the valuable information.

ไม่เห็นด้วยกับประโยคที่คุณเขียนว่า\"Thai people can eat everything from bugs, snakes to dog\" เป็นประโยคที่ไม่สร้างสรรค์เลยดิฉันทราบว่ามีคนไทยบางส่วนแต่น้อยมากที่กินอย่างที่คุณกล่าวการเขียนแบบนี้เสียภาพพจน์ประเทศไทย ทำไมคุณไม่เขียนในสิ่งที่ดีสู่สายตาชาวโลกเพราะเมืองไทยอุดมสมบูร์ในเรื่องอาหารมากไม่มีชาติไหนในโลกที่จะมีอาหารและผลไม้สมบูรณ์เหมือนเมืองไทย และสิ่งที่คุณเขียนยังแคบมากไม่ครอบคลุมเมืองไทยในภาพรวมคุณกล่าวถึงแต่อีสานหรือว่าคุณเป็นคนอีสาน ยังไงก็ขอฝากให้คุณปรับปรุงประโยคนี้ด้วย หากต้องการเขียนน่าจะเป็น คนเพียงน้อยนิดเท่านั้น คุณรู้ไหมว่าประเทศอื่นๆ เขาก็มีการบริโภคที่พิสดารเหมือนกันแต่เขาเก็บไม่เขียนสู่สายตาหรอกเก็บไว้คนที่จะรู้ต้องไปสัมผัสด้วยตัวเอง การที่คุณเขียนเกี่ยวกับเมืองไทยก็ดีแต่ควรจะดูความเหมาะสมด้วย หวังว่าคุณจะทบทวนอีกครั้งหนึ่ง ขอบคุณค่ะ จากคนไทยพันธุ์แท้

already get newsletter --- love the site especially the news links and the temples

excellent site, hope you don't mind, wish to link to mine. thank you

As an 'ex' long time resident of Thailand, 6 years in Bangkok followed by 2 years just outside the Khon Kaen city limits, I am always excited when the website is updated. I would like to see more political coverage and more updates on what's happening with the royal family. I guess what you have now satisfies most people but I'd be interested to see more along these lines

hello..... this is a nice website!!!! i love looking at the movies........thanks! bye!!!

Pretty good! Interesting! Your English is good, but not perfect. Do you want help?? I am very interested in Thailand and Thai people and culture. I am learning Thai now (have been for nearly a year so I can read some Thai).

when the person replied to the comments or article, it should be able to read for others to see what was the comments. Not to cut the bad and display the good that how thai do bussiness to the rest of the world. Thank You

good choice of morlam/lukthung singers, suggest Banyen Raggan should be included in morlam section and Fon in the lukthung section

Charming site, particularly as I have family in Ubon

The website and the content is interesting, but sometimes/often it is just a brief information. It would be great to have links to other sites that I can find more about the subject.

Thanks for all the interesting cultural details! I will take a look around more later. Super!

Hi, I was searching the web so I wanted to make a few comments. It's a very nice website. I enjoy surfing. I think there should be a section on traditional costume or clothing. I personally want to find out what the lor krathong beauty pageant buy their dresses and the cost. Perhaps you can direct me to the right website or give me a few insite on where to go from here. I'm looking for a thai dress for my wedding but i have no luck in searching for them. I hope you can help. Thank you.

The first website that I came across showing the "real" Thailand and its values. Keep up with the good work.

I think this is a very good site because i could what i needed very quick and when i whanted it

I have enjoyed reading all the other pages. As a farang I find your web pages very helpful in trying to understand the Thai culture. It constantly amazes me how people (in all countries) are so used to their way of life that they automatically assume life is like that everywhere. Keep up the good work. Very informative.

I live in Bangkok, and I am married to a lovely Thai lady. I have to travel a lot with my work, so when I'm away, it's nice to look over a great site like this to remind me of my adopted home. Kawp khun maak Khrap!!!

I would like to see some articles on mixed marriages, especially thai man and american woman as this is my situation. Usually all I see is Thai woman and american man. Also would like to see some articles on retirement living in Thailand and the how to's.

It was really good information, but difficult to use the information in projects as it would not let me print.

Great site !!!!

Good website. It's very interesting but need more informations.

An amazing site! It is exactly what I have been looking for to keep me up to date while I am not in Thailand- I visit it at least every other day. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Your website is certainly one of the more informative on Thai customs, Buddhism, etc.

i like this site thank you for bring ing thialand close to me for i no nothing about thialand.....

IT was great sit. Made me feel I'm home! I live in USA for long time.I'm very glad to visit this web sit. NO WRERE LIKE HOME !!

I think it is a great site!!

IT is a Great site to learn about Thailand for my school project

We think you have made a great web site. Very interesting. We featured ThaiWorldView as Web Site of the Week at Thai Students Online

i think that the person who created this web should add more images of Thai movie actress or entertainers. Some people might even what to see a preview of movies. But it was okay.

What a terrific site! THANK YOU!

Thank You ....very nice site ....enjoy visiting

Thanks to have set up this website

I found the website quite informative and interesting. It provided relevant information and it was good research tool for my group project also works well as a travelor's guide. However you never went in depth describing the view of state/government/authority/ and class. The site was a lot more helpful compare to other sites which i have visited because the otehr sites were trying to advertise rather than giving out useful resourceful information. Thankyou for the good quality website.

This is a good site, especially when it talks about the history and culture of isan people. My wife is isan , it will give me some insight into our relationship.

ThaiWorldView give me many knoledge. Thank you

this was my first and extensive visit to your site : really great. my interests : learn and see about 'lesser' touristic places. isan was thus very interestng for me. i recommend more other topics such as this one in other parts of the country ... thank you for putting this together for us, web visitors .

I dont see any new Thai music out there, I mean a new top song in Thailand every day or every month. Another thing is I don't see any list or Category say "LAKORN THAI or LONG LAKORN THAI" in the site. Would you just let me know, where do I have to go to get this long LAKORN Thai in the Website? If you do not have those categories in tha Website now. Would you try to put those out there some in the future? Thankyou very much.

Sawaddee Khrap I'm very happy to visit the ThaiWorldView website. I myself know more and understand deeper about my country. I can get a lot informations about Thai society. When I do my research paper I can get a lot of data from this website. I'm really thanks for all of you. Please keep going on this website. In my openion this website is very good. Thank you so much.

I find your site to be the most informative site about Thailand and its people and culture, on the internet. I have visited Thailand twice, recently, and plan to return in the spring. This site has helped me to understand many things I observed there. Thank you VERY much for the work you do, and for the valuble service you provide to those of us, around the world, who are enchanted by the people,the natural beauty, the culture, and the history, of the kingdom, which is Thailand. P.S- On my last visit, I met and fell in love with a wonderful girl, in Ubon. I intend to make her my wife. Wish me luck!

ชอบเนื้อหาใน web หลายเรื่อง เข้ามาดูบ่อย แต่ยังดูไม่หมด เนื่องจากมีเวลาว่างไม่มาก ลองให้ข้อสังเกตุ เป้นภาษาไทย ไม่ทราบว่า ยินดีหรือไม่

Thought I have a very high regard for the country and it's people, I feel that your web site has enhanced my knowledge and understanding far beyond what I'v heard in the U.S. or experience while visiting as a military service member. There are not many people in America that really understand your culture and what it has to offer. My opinion, I would enjoy residing in your country if I had the opportunity to do so,hopefully one day, I may do just that. Anyway, if all possible, can you write articles and show pictures of various Thai and Asian style homes and the many architect and construction companies in Thailand. This would be great information for those in my country that wishes to build these types of home. "THANK!!!"

This months news letter was excelent and regret i accidently erased the october news letter which i wanted to keep as it was about the area wher i will soon be retiring to. That was in the sawand daen din or udon thani location. I look forward to the next issue as i cannot learn enough about Thailand. Especially the family and customs as narried to thai lady need to learn a lot so as not to annot people with what looks like lack of curisy.

I have not yet checked the whole site. But I will in time. What I have read is pretty good. English needs proofing a little.

First, I would like to say...I'm a Thai woman who was born and raised in America. At first, I was offended by your views on the Thais. However, as I kept reading I realize your educating ppl on the culture. I'm always bothered by farangs who create a website that are about the Thais. You on the another hand, have showed both sides and I agree with most of the things you've wrote. There needs to be a change and the goverment needs to intervene. Your probably wondering, what does this have to do w/ me? Well, alot! Yes, I was born in America but my parents are Thai. I noticed even here in the US when I mention my nationality the farangs will give me their "sexual grin" assuming that of course I'm easy. That really irritates me! So, when I read your story on the dark side of Thailand, instead of getting upset and saying,"here's another arrogant farang talking crap about my ppl" I was more open minded. I read and tried to understand what they are going through. Instead of jumping down your throat about your dark view on the counrty. Take care and keep up the great wk!

I would like to request the owner of this site to Please retranslate the section on Buddhism as it is full of mistakes. Serious English mistakes abound and there is an abundance of misinformation on Buddha Dhamma as well. At present Thai World View's section on "Buddhism" only serves to embarass rather then provide reliable information. I hope my comments are taken as friendly and not considered as malevolent.

Hi, Your site is good looking and contents are good in average. However, in "The Buddhism", there is quite a lot of confused concept and wording. I believe that you should have the contents checked both meaning and language.

I have not yet checked the whole site. But I will in time. What I have read is pretty good. English needs proofing a little.

Working in Saudi Arabia and have a Thai wife i have your web site very informative for me. When i have my holidays from Saudi we live in a village not far from Sawang Daen Din and this issue of thai world was very interesting for me. I have learnt more about that area than i have in the last 6 years of living there.

Sawasdee khap, I've just been chilling on your site, i expecially liked the articles about Isan area. I've never been to Isan but i used to live for a while in southern area of Thailand, and heard much things about Isan. Thanks again for this really interesting and accurate documents. It's good work and i enjoyed it very much.

This has been one of my favorites sites for a long time.

This is an excellent site. It is beautiful to look at and contains much information that is not available elsewhere. I'd be interested in learning more about the origins of certain Thai customs. Thanks for working so hard on it and putting it on line for free.

very informative sight...My g/f is from buriram,I now underestand a little more...Like to see more info on and culture

Sawadee krup my friend great site I spend some time in Isan every year with a very special friend in Udon Thani your site made me home sick wish I was back right now. The only problem I can see is no words for Made in Thailand the song and no Morlam songs from Jintara Poon lap Thanks so much and keep up the great work

Get real dude! Thailand has come a long way from the old traditional path. I think Thailand is just like United states now, considering that all the women doesn't give a shit anymore about there pride, nor there body. Any thai citizen who doesn't sees the changes, need to get a real life.....

Really useful site! Thank you! I'v got some photos and other thai-stuff on my page;

Very interesting websites. Please keep up with your excellent work.

I enjoyed the web page. Thank you.

This is a comprehensive site with loads of interesting cultural information and some fine photos. Definitely worth a visit.

I like the cultural shocks part. Thanks

I Love my wife Oy and her family very much. I appreciate your web site because I want to learn as much as I can about Thailand and the Thai people. I always look forward to vacationing in Thailand and sight seeing. I'm glad I found this page and please keep up the good work. Thank You Very Much...

I really enjoy the site. While perhaps you need some editorial improvement (spelling and grammer), I really enjoyed the overall site layout and more important, the intent of the site to put Thailand in a better view. Too many people have the wrong view of Thailand and that is is something that needs to be resolved soon.

The web site is a disgrace in the way it discusses Theravada and women. Shame on the authors. ONe would expect this site to be better informed... also the site has many English language errors.

An excellent site! I plan to send links to all my friends! Having traveled in Thailand several times this site answers questions I have had about Thai culture that the guidebooks don't cover. Thanks.

For a relatively new site, you're doing well. Good site! I hope to see it grow.

You have done an excellent job of presenting a wide variety of information in an interesting and informative way. I have been going to Thailand for over 20 years and I learned a great deal from your site. I have one very minor criticism. You site has a very small number of errors in English spelling and grammar. I understand that English is not your native language and you have done very well with it. Actually, the few mistakes add to the charm of your site and do not detract from the visitor's understanding of the many things you have to say. Thanks so much for your pages. I have spent hours on them and will spend hours more.

Hi, I'm watching your page quite a while now, and I must say, that you get better with every visit. You know, since about 1 year I am working on a similar site to yours - in German language. Maybe you want to vist it anyway: I would be happy, if you could send me your comments.

Very enjoyable site.

Dear Sir, I'm very impressed with not only the quality of your website but also your attitude towards the people of Thailand. Having lived in Bangkok for a number of years myself I am only to aware of the way many expats view Thai people as subserviant and not to be trusted. I share your viewpoint and it is most comendable, it is just a pity more people don't feel the same way.

It is a very good way to let people know about Thailand and everything Thai. I would really love to see more information and images. Keep up the good work!!!

Thank you for wasting your time to write about thailand. I do love this site!!! It shows Thailand has something more than "naked people", you know what I mean. You are farang?!? You know Thailand very well, better than some thai people do. Thanks again!

I love your site. I found it by accident, but boy,am I glad I found it. I have bookmarked it and will be returning often. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to this wonderful site. I think in the reality question there should be another choice besides GOOD TRY, how about GREAT SITE!

Hello I'm a 16 year boy from Sweden who wanna thank you for a very good site! I have searched for information sites like this and this is the BEST I've found. It gots everything you need to know if you don't know so much about thai culture. I think everyone who goes to Thailand should read all information on this site before they go, to minimize all chanses of missunderstandings and wonderings why people act in a sertain way. The best thing with the site is that you don't go so very deep into each subject but you got all important and interesting details. I mean which tourist who will go to Thailand connect to the internet and read 100pages e.g about thai history? The site is also very easy to navigate and you don't get lost in link after link. From now on I will tell everyone who are going to Thailand to visit this site before they go. So again I wanna thank you for a very good site and the things I've learned. Keep up the good work!

Very informative site, I'm impressed. I wish I would have stumbled across this site before my visit to Thailand last October. Your site made me remember the great times I had in Thailand. Mostly, I remember my encounters with Thai people and Thai culture. Great job, keep up the good work.

Thank you. I like your site very much! I hope one, not to far, day to be able to built something like it. Chok dee krhap

nice site I always like Thai MiDi please put somemore Thai MiDi.Thankxxxx-

In terms of content, which is what I value most, this is a very nice, **honest and balanced** web site. Technically, it's very good artistically, programming-wise, and especially in the detail work.

You did a good job! Anyway, I didn't see all your job, so I couldn't fill out all your questions. I just want to tell you some mistakes I see. It's really nice to visit your website. Happy New Year.

very good can not find story about Nang Nak

Very good text!

loved it. I am a us guy in the navy ... and I want to know the real thailand not the s and junk all the sailors see. teach me the real thailand. very good site

I really liked this site. Just one thing i regretted is about the new pop stars in Thailand: not enough... Khopkhun Khap!

Hi, I am a teacher in the UK. I would like my pupils to visit your website as it will offer them a useful and interesting 'window' into another culture. This will be very beneficial as, in this part of the UK, the different ethnic groups are very few in number. I hope that the information in your site will help them to respect and understand your culture.

I read about your site in the Database section of the Bangkok Post. It's very interesting and has great potential. But the English!!! I would be happy to help you proof read your text, because this is one of the best information concepts I have seen here in BKK. Some background on me - I have lived in Thailand for the past three years, I teach English at Berlitz (probably the world's best language school), I do a lot of proof reading for Thai and Japanese executives, and I have a basic understanding of phaasa Thai, including reading. Please drop me a line!

Thank you for a very informative site. I have been to Thailand four times in last two years and find the information you present helpful in better understanding a truly unique people.

Hey, I have been in Thailand working for an American company for 2 years. In my opinion, Thailand is a country full of thieves and prostitutes. I personally know a man who sold his daughters to a brothel for some cash. Most of the girls I met in Thailan just want to suck my xxxx for American dollars. Also, your policemen are a bunch of thieves, basically robbing people. Your country's image of thriving buddhism is a total fabrication.

My friend, you did a good job, keep it up, I'm proud of you, you're the best I saw, among the Thai web sites. God Bless you.

The most comprehensive site I have seen. I agree that Thailand is getting a bad rap with the press haranguing about the "sex trade" of Thailand. But, let's face it--the brothels were here long before farangs. By the way, there were no "worst subjects" on your site, but I had to check one to submit this. I love your site and will recommend it to others.

Very nice for me. I'm a long way from home and this and other sites giv me comfort.

very nice site. good intro to thailand i think

Nice site. I like the links also. I'm the mother of two children adopted from Thailand and I think my daughter will like the site also. My son can't read yet but he might be interested in the bits of Thai language! Thanks.

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