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It was great and very helpful.

I find your website difficult to navigate through.

Felicitations,je ne connaissais pas tes talents de photographes. Ayant fait beaucoup de photo moi-meme par le passe,j'apprecie ton travail. Tout est remarquable!

I like every one of them, except Xiamen one. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! After 4 years in WM / APAC, you can be a Professional photographer!

Bangkok is not thailand, but Bangkok is different from the rest of Thailand. For me as a bangkokian, I experience more of Modern Building Plus the old culture. So the picture of Bangkok should be the view from top and see High rise building surround the beautiful temple from Thai and chinese. If you advertise too much on old culture than the image of Thailand would be undevelope country forever. Do put high rise building as part of picture would help the image of the country.

I just started to look around your gallery from Hong Kong. Even though we have the same camera, your pictures are very good. Congratulation on your gallery. :)

Today I went to Thai Gallery. I've never been to Thailand. Thai temples are more colorful than Korean ones. Besides, The Thai budda statue is slimer than The Korean one.

Dear Thaiworldview, That's fabulous picture! Good Work. Nice shot. Thank you for your effort!

Only few pictures!

Great pics, liked the rice field one in particular - great perspective. I have a gallery at of Northern Thailand. These were taken Jan 2004 with a Nikon CoolPix 4300, (the first time I have used a digital camera.)

Impressionant ton site ! ! ! La qualite des photos est impressionante.

Thank you for the wonderful pictures of these countries. I enjoyed reviewing them very much.

Very nice.

Rien a dire c'est SUBLIME !!! Felicitations, j'en ai eu des frissons. J'ai hate d'y aller aussi.

These pictures are outstanding. There were several that I really liked, but all in all they were all outstanding. I have been to just a few of those places, but I didn't have the camera equipment and expertise to take the quality of pictures I see here. They are truly outstanding.

Nice gallery of shots. I appreciate seeing the city life of metropolis's around the world. Many of the globes cities face similar problems and pleasures. It is nice to see how daily life looks in a culture haf'way round the world...

I really enjoyed seeing these pictures from a city so far away from my own! And still life seems to be similar after all! I particularly like the "people" sectioin of the gallery. Young women on bicycles seem to be graceful wherever you see them:-) Thanks for sharing.

Nice images, Regis. I enjoyed seeing them.

Tes photos sont superbes (comme d'hab).

Thank you for sharing with us such nice scenery, really amusing..

Wonderful shots. Reminds me of similar scenes from what was Saigon - still have many Black and White. You've done a great job in capturing the color. Thanks for the opportunity to remember how beautiful that part of the world is.

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.

What time of the day was "Largo do Senado"? I've never seen it this quiet!!!

Excellent, on a envie d'y aller!

I really love the photos you take. They are very lovely. Thanks again for sharing the photos.

Wonderful images. I enjoyed seeing Vietnam through your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

I went to your France gallery. Your photos taken in Brittany is like water paintings. I like the blue sky and the blue ocean. Someday I should take a 8 week holiday in France!

I enjoyed viewing your Macau Photo Gallery. It is enjoyable to see other places of the world. Thanks for sharing.

Anyway, I only took a quick look-see since you have many photos there. I enjoyed much of what I saw

Very nice Macau gallery! I really get a sense of the place. The portrait of the girl in the hat is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing these wonderfull pics of that amazing Vietnam country. I've been there a few years ago and you make me remember it...

i just take a visit to yr gallery, it's amazing and i specially like the cambodia images, i also want to visit there and picturing, thanks for the sharing.

I don't have the experience or ability to criticise. I have some workmates who have been in Hong-Kong recently, and what they have said matches your photos. I think they are excellent! Please show some more.

Photography wonderful for letting us see parts of the world we may never see otherwise. These are wonderful captures.

Loved the gallery Regis. You have managed to capture a nice variety of images, from postcards of the scenery to more personal images that tell you something more about the people, then some details of temples and such. Thanks for sharing these.

I would say pritty darn good!! What camera. Nice contrast

These are wonderful. I am heading back to China this winter and I can't wait.

These photographs bring me lots of fond memories. Since I am from HK, these are especially meaningful. I visited HK this past March after almost 10 years, and though much has changed, many things, like Victoria Peak, remain the same (which to me is a good thing!).

Ah yes, Hong Kong. I was very interested in your shots of HK, since I have visited there four times in the last 10 years, and each time have taken many shots with my film EOS 10. I am looking forward to visiting again next year, this time with an EOS 300D, and getting to some of the old villages in the New Territories, like Ping Shan. Thank you for the look at your gallery.

Great shots! thanks for the visual trip!

Hi ThaiWorldView, I have found the link to your photo gallery at NIKONIANS and I am very much impressed by your pictures! Great work with regard to compostition and technique! We share a similar interest in the subject: travel photography with emphasis on South-East Asia (see my website I am amazed how crisp your digital images are. Perhaps you would like to share your technique with D70 and your post-processing workflow? I have had a D100 camera for 9 months now and I am still trying to improve the workflow. I hope your tips can help other Nikonians like me. Maybe you can even post some information on Nikonians... Thanks in advance for your reply. Greetings! - Hania

And I am Do Quang Tung, the manager of Hoa Linh Hotel, I find your picture about Vietnam are beautiful, so I would like to use some of them to give it in our website to introduce Vietnam to other foreigns. So, I want to ask you that I can do that! Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Some really nice shots. Made me want to go back to Vietnam!

Those are beautiful pictures you took of my country...

commentaire : Votre site est formidable. Bravo !

Excellent work Regis. It makes me want to visit this place. BTW....Your website has some wonderful pictures. I especially like the layout and the colors in Lei Yue Mun. Nicely done.

Very nice, thanks for the glimpse of an interesting place. I enjoyed the tour.

I am browsing your gallery :p, nice albums you have there.

I will sea thai women's pictures pleas

beautiful pictures so beautiful

Really enjoyed your gallery, especially those of Vietnam and Laos. I visited many of the same locations in Jan '04 and love seeing another photographer's vision of those places.

Merci de nous faire partager toutes ces belles images qui sont aussi de magnifiques souvenirs de nos voyages en Asie.

Your pictures are absolutely incredible. I truly enjoyed viewing your website. If my D70 pictures came out half as good as yours, I would be thrilled. Thanks for sharing.

Mmmm very nice page :) Visit me... it's my page! :)

wonderful shots of my favourite country thailand and the rest of beautiful asia !!! :) great work... andy :)

Your gallery is great. I especially liked the pic of Victoria Harbour at dusk with the boats in the foreground. Cheers.

You have beautiful pictures on your web site.

I like your pictures at ThaiWorldView.

The pictures on your site were very nice, enjoyed them greatly.

Great pictures, I like them.


pic of beautiful places in the world

Some fantastic shots in your gallery.

Very nice photos, color are just great especially the Cantonese opera.

I have seen yr HK photos, they are very nice and cultural. Some place even I have never been :)

Btw Your Shots Look great!

Great pictures..the 1.8 definitely produces quality images.

Great pictures, Regis!

I enjoy your pictures because they show me a place I'm not familiar with.

Thanks for the shots from Thailand, Manilla, and Vietnam. That is a nice site you have set up. Your a pro? if not, You have some amazing photos.

I checked out your web gallery. It is a visual feast! I highly recommend a visit.

you have some nice photos in your gallery too!. It is always interesting to see photos of your hometown taken by foreigners. You get to see things that you normally would have missed out!

those are the pic your took? wow! u have been to so many places!

Bravo pour tes photos, elles sont tres reussites. Tu devrais les tirer sur papier et faire une expo photo de Mr. Regis...

Excellent pictures, Regis, from a beautiful country and culture. Also enjoyed the website, very informative.

wonderful images as usual. great shots of temples and candids.

Your pictures are very nice by the way!

Regis: Nice pics; especially the ones from Honkong at night, and the ones from the ancient city in Thailand! Seems like you have a very beautiful country! Maybe you could take us all on a guided photo tour on day

commentaire : Great website, I really enjoyed the allure of the selected images. keep me posted on new updates.

Hi, I thought I would write to say you have taken some very nice pictures. Where would you recommend taking night shots in Hong Kong as I am travelling there in March. Also do you have any recommendations as to where would a good place to purchase lenses in HK. Any help would be appreicated.

I had a little browse in your Thailand gallery, it is very impressive. The shot of the reclining buddha at WatPho is so much better than what I managed to achieve, you have put me to shame. :)

Very nice pictures. Congratulations !

Very nice pictures. I had a look at your gallery and enjoyed it very much. Your pics have a nice rich color and are sharp. Nice work.

Genial, comme d'hab!

Your gallery is excellent too. I enjoy very much.

Your pictures are very nice and good quality. I like that You have been in countryside and show something that tourist quides don't show. You have also had good contact to local people.

you are becoming a professional photographer now!! How is the book coming along?

Photos of Thailand and Laos are great. Thanks for sharing them.

Thank you for the links to the beautiful pictures. Please keep them coming ;)

I loved your photos of SE Asia!!! Thank you for sharing!

Your pictures are very beautiful.

Nice pics in the gallery.

You got some great pics there!

I saw your gallery- some really nice work there!

Those are terrific photos and well presented. Thanks for sharing them!!

i like this side

I have just visited your web site and have a look on your pictures. Most of your photos are very well taken. You seem like Thailand and south east Asia very much. I like the countries too. I have never tried seriouly taking photos there.

Love the S.E Asia pics. They bring back so many good memories of 2003/4

Yes they're fantastic! In fact, I was just in Vietnam in Jan so it brought back a lot of memories. I also took a lot of photos of the trip. Have you seen them? I know they're not as good as yours though :)

Hi... a very nice photo page of thailand. I live in Malaysia and donno much about my neighbour. Do visit my photo page at

Excellent work! You have a good eye for catching the moment.

I enjoyed the pictures, it gets me even more excited.

Great photo ! Thanks for sharing.

Fabulous photos. I would love to visit some of these places.

L'equipe Chasseur d'Images vous donne son avis: Vous avez un "oeil", mais vous devez desormais vous efforcer a choisir un ou deux themes essentiels. Amicalement.

Liked what I saw in your gallery by the way, some great pictures.

La classe!

I saw that You had travelled much around same are and I enjoyed very much of Your pics. North Thailand looked very different from center where I was.

I've visited your gallery before and you show mastery for natural light photographs with that 35mm/f2D in particular.

Having revisted your gallery - I had forgotten how *inspirational and magic* it is - you could give me and others lessons in white balance settings because the colour rendition in your images is superb. Your kit lens photos are also lovely and really give me renewed faith in that lens assuming I could raise my technique to anywhere approaching that of yours !

Hey ThaiWord, you got nice pics on your site.

Regis, they are beautiful! It only reassure my lust for this lens (of course, and better skills). :-) Thanks again!

congratulations! Beautiful shots!

They are some great shots in your gallery - the Ixus v3 did you proud!

photo's are very good and nice,but very difficult to choose.

BTW nice gallery you got there and it seems you been around asia a lot.

thanks, your pics are awesome!

I could only hope to shoot some shots at a fraction of skill you have.. your site is just amazing. Thank you for posting those gorgeous shots.

I checked out some of your photos...fantastic scenery and models! Very well done. You should be very proud of you work.

Congrats on some of the best D70 portraits I've seen. Please keep posting. Your work is as beautiful as your subjects.

My pics is here: Travel Photography Sharing!

Nice images!

Wow - those pictures are great Regis! I really like the series of people surrounded by their workplace. Excellent composition!

What a great site, I enjoyed looking at your pictures, great colors, composition and a total delight for your eyes to see, thanks for sharing your talent..GOD Bless you!!

Like all your shots I have seen, reminds me of my days in Bangkok, 1966,67,68. Was stationed there in the military, great country, lots of photo ops. John

very nice and ilove it, would you like send me via my email, thank you.

Very excellent work all round...

Regis, outstanding photography, both the lens and the photographer.

Only one word to describe this website : S H I T !

I've been watching your work and I like it a lot.

Wow, your pictures of women from Hong Kong is outstanding! I like it!

Hi Regis, I have a question about the photo samples you have in your gallery. Did you use any reflectors or umbrellas for lighting? Or did you just use a flash? Those pictures look really good and was wondering what kind of setup was involved.

Your website is great ! Do you live in Hong Kong ? Nice shoot !

I am practicing and I'm hoping some day my pictures will be as good as yours.

Wonderful Thai Pictures. I saw your pictures and are just amazing.

Very nice website. Enjoyed your pictures.

BTW, I like your shots, nicely composed and the models are pretty. Makes me nostalgic for the far east.

good pictures

Fantastic site!! Nice pictures and so helpfull to see what a lens can do with the d70. (with a good photographer)

i just surf your gallery, u have some really great pictrures there, i think many people in the world also like teh culture and teh place of Thai :)

very beautiful photographs!

i like this site but i want some wonderful and beautiful pictures with out created can u send me e-mail.thankyou sir,....

I really liked your site. You have a lot of great images. Sometime if I make it out there I'll make sure I get some shooting advice from you. Maybe by 2020!

Cambodia: Get piks of the towns, major intersections, famous bars/rest. Everybodies got piks of temples, muddy roads, birds, shit. and they all look like there from somewhere in se asia, big deel.

ThaiWorldView is an excelent site and the photos are great but what about more from other province's like chiangmai and hatyai

Great Site from someone who knows Bangkok well

We found your website very useful.Thank you very much

Regis, when is your next exhibition ??? Rating : 6.8 !

I am glad I have found something from Thailand. The picture of two students winner ball room dance award is very nice. I, myself very interesting in ball room dance. I am glad to see the younger generation started young.

When I went to your website, I was just looking for some ideas, as I would like to make photo CD s to send to my friends. Your web site gave me many useful ideas that I can use to what I would like to do. One of the things is to include my self in some of the photos that I take. I loved seeing all the nice pictures that are in your site. So I am greatful for being able to search your whole site to learn more of what I want to be able to do.

wicked very helpful ,very easy to navigate through thanks xx

very impressive beautiful pic and website

I have go to your website ( and take a look on your photo, it is very cool! I have just trying to use SLR camera and I hope someday I will take a cool photo like this. Thank you.

Hou have a Phantastic webpage , all the Photografies are beautifull, a great work, Good bless you!!! Visit please my Homepage and write a coment in my GB. Ana Maria from ARGENTINE.

I am just visited your excelant homesite. Congratulacion for your good work . Write something in my guestbook Asuncion Capital de la musica criolla y de la tradicion.

I enjoyed looking at your galleries, nice work! The Hong Kong one gave me a good idea of what photo opportunities to expect. I definitely will bring my low light lenses (35/2.0 and 50/1.8) after looking at your shots!

Lefe is so simple, peaceful , and wonderful.

Saw the recent shots on your site, I really like them. I drop in to your site often, can't ever get enough images of my favorite part of the world!


Very beautiful, both the lady and the portrait. I've looked through some of your "favorite selection" and have book marked it to enjoy in detail. Great work!

very nice I also love vivid colors I really like your style you have a very good eye. Great work Regis, post more

Really lovely photos. Thank you.

I like the pictures, also the country. Jean (D70 user)

This site isn't so intertaining. You guys should put recent stars info in here and some video clips too. You should make the site more modern I only see old history from this I want to know whats new in Thailand these days and I think everybody does. This site is very difficult to get through but I know it must be alot of hard work to put it through. So Thanks, Ravica

Very nice pictures. Thanks anyway. So go on.

Very beautiful Thailand.... Wonderful images, Thank You Greetings from Germany. Milan

nice photos

Je me suis un peu balladee sur les differents albums. De jolies photos!!! Felicitations!

SAWASDEE ; I just love to see Thai's way of life , Full of determined and peacefull

Hi. Your photos are greats ....very sharp. Do you alot of PP on your photos, if yes please tell me what you do ? whats the secret ?!!! Thanks. Keep doing the good work.

wow!!!!!!!!!! Your photos are very very good!

Regis , felicitations tres belles photos sur ton site ....surprise pour les "models "

Hello, I found your site on google, the photographs are excelent! best regards, Vinc

i have just found your site,excellent and very informative,well structured ,well done

lovely and beautifull girl pices

foto stupende!grande tecnica,composizione dell'immagine,ricerca della luce, atmosfera! complimenti

Very nice pictures indeed. Pleasing for the eye.

Hi. You have very nice website! Beautiful design.

You're a decent photographer man, very nice shots!


Wow, great photos! Will let you know if there are any festival in my district.

I was born in Sheung Shui and all your Hong Kong pictures, especiallly those from NT, remind me of my childhood. They are wonderful pictures and well taken. I particularly appreciated the temple pictures not many other people would consider.

you have great pictures and a nice way to capture the frames all your pictures are vibrant of colors.

I have to do a research project on Thailand and the site gave me almost all of the info I needed!

your photos are very good and they are y

wow - you make Hong Kong look great! The pictures are absolutely fantastic!

Thanks for sharing your pictures. They are terrific! You must be very pleased with some of these great shots.

Very good shots ! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos ! Best regards

Great photos! I haven't been to France for so many years. The photos are very interesting.

I'm a french women living in California. I'm currently taking a class for a web page construction and would like to used 2 pictures from a web site of Regis Madec collection of brittany. This pictures won't be used for any commercial purposes and would only be used to show my class where I come from. I would like his permission.

Those are some excellent portraits of the performers. You seem to have gained their trust and respect. Well done!

Hello I have discovered your site. I find it very succeeded and your photographs are touching and superbs. I come for my part to create, modestly, a site of photographs whose objective, inter alia, is to give other photographic glances and testimonys. Also I have a directory. Do you agree to link your site in it? It's free. Title site: Photographic book

Dans un tout autre domaine, je suis passé voir ton site. Chapeau, certaines photos sont très sympathiques ! Je ne savais pas que tu photographiais également des charmantes demoiselles. Surtout ne t'arrete pas

I checked your personal website. Pictures are very beautiful. I enjoyed very much.

Hi Regis, any slight interest in adding Brunei Darussalam into your photo gallery? It is the Visit Brunei Year in 2008, so maybe your pictures will do a great contribution for Brunei. Hope to hear from you.

Please send information about how to use Hong Kong pics in a non-profit poster advertising student exchange in Hong Kong.

I found some photos concerning Songkran which I like to use in my public photo album. I ask you to give me permission to do so with mentioning the name of the source. This album can be found at:

I am contacting you on behalf of Breakwater Books Limited in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Breakwater Books Limited is currently preparing a Religious Education textbook scheduled for publication in September 2008. The textbook, tentatively titled "Many Friends, One World", is to be used by Grade 3 students in schools throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. We would like your cooperation and approval to include the following material in our Religion textbook and possibly on an educational web site

My name is melissa and I am the Managing Director of the "Thai Smiles Foundation" (a small charity) and I was wondering if I could get permission to use some of your thai photos either on logos, websites or for advertising. (in the thai pictures/children - the first one called children (children with a bike), the second one, Cheerful Group (kids up close to camera), the one called school mates and the one called child (a small child leaning on a bench with a cup beside her). If I could use these I would be very very greatful! Thank You very much (by the way they are terrific photos)

I am the Travel Correspondent for Thai Airways. Is it possible to use some of your photos for my weekly column? Awaiting your reply, Harold Stephens

Thx for sharing such a great photo, very nice set... especially the Hong Kong set and the Hungry Ghost Festival photo..

welcome to join our Malaysia biggest photography forum at

I am writing an article on Loy Krathong for Bambi magazine, a magazine for parents published by a non-profit organization in Bangkok. I would very much like to illustrate the article with beautiful pictures and was wondering if you would allow me to use your photos. Ideally, I would like to use a photo with a young child and a krathong and another one with floating krathongs on canals. Could you please let me know by riday if that would be possible? Obviously I'll credit your website or your photographer in our publication and you'll receive a copy of the article.

Some great Thai shots you have here

I like the photos taken in France,impressive, especially the cruisers.

Dear Thai World view Please contact me again by direct email re the use of your image of Thai school children at assembly with flag. This is now very urgent as the book is going to press soon and this is the only image missing. Many many thanks Helen From Oxford University press

beautiful capture, Great Pitures

Je suis intéressé par vos photo pour une couverture de livre Les éditions GOPE publient des livres ayant pour thème ou cadre l’Asie du Sud-Est. En faisant des recherches sur Nang Kwak – je recherche une photo pour un 4ème de couverture, à publier sous forme de vignette - je suis tombé sur votre photo en ligne sur Auriez-vous la même mais avec un angle de vue différent ? Sinon, pourrais-je utiliser cette photo, sous quelles conditions ?

I'm the editorial assistant of The List magazine (Hong Kong). I'm writing about Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail for the next issue of our magazine, and would love to use some of the wonderful images from your website. Is it possible to send 2-4 pictures of 1MB minimum to me to put into the magazine? We will credit your group and the photographer of course. Please let me know thanks!

Hello. Please cute photos of Thai women to email me to put on your working set

Your website is good . Thank you very much this website show you About Newzealand Hotel. see you again from

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