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His Majesty The King Rama IX in highly worshipped in Thailand. Every Thai people respect him. He is the ninth king of the present Chakri Dynasty. His name in Thai language is His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The Chakri Dynasty was created in 1782. Rama Ist has created Bangkok and was the king who sent away Burmese troops from Ayuthaya, the old capital. He did also bring back the Emerald Buddha from Vientiane. Since this time, the Emerald Buddha is in the temple "WAT PHRA KAEW" (วัดพระแก้ว) in Bangkok.

The King
Rama IX is the king of Thailand since year 1946. In June 2006, celebrations for the 60th anniversary of His Majesty the King's accession to the throne happened. The King has only been the rampart between politicians and the army. His advises are always listen carefully.
The King

Before when army was making a coup d'etat, everybody has to wait for the approval of the king to know if he was according the coup d'etat. Before 1992, Thailand was very unstable with many military coup d'etat. Since 1992, things have changed in political life. Army is now out of direct power and democracy is on the right way even if corruption problems remain.

Year 1999 was the year of the 72nd birthday of the King Rama 9. It is an important event because it is the start of a new 12 years cycle. Due to Chinese influence, astrological cycles which last 12 years are very important. Even Thai Airways aircraft had a logo commemorating the 72nd King's celebration on the main section of the plane. Everywhere in Thailand there were huge billboards announcing the King's celebration. In june 1999 Thai doctors from USA came one week in Thailand to offer free consultations for poor people.
The King and the Queen
The King and the Queen

His Majesty the King Rama IX is highly recognised among Thai society because he always takes care about his people. Each year he goes up-country to visit villages and towns to talk to people and to know their problmany Royal foundations and launched many Royal projects to improve the life of his people. He was responsible of projects which helped hill tribes to replace their opium culture with normal cultures.

Symbol of monarchy
ราชาศัพท์ or "RACHASAP" language is a special language, which shall be used when speaking to the King. In Thai language, special words are only used with the King. For example "KIN" (กิน) is the common word for "to eat". For the King the word is "SAVOEY" (เสวย). The King is not a common person so common language shall not be used with him.

Before everybody who wants to greet the king should crouch on the floor in order than his head is lower than the feet of the king. As the head is the most valued part in the Thai body and the feet is the lowest valued part of the body, the head of a normal person is nevertheless less valued than the feet of the king. Now things have changed. A deep greet with raised hands, palms clasped, is far enough.

In Thailand the person of lower status greets first. Nevertheless the King still greets monks first. The King has no personal power. Thailand is a kingdom but the king has no power. The Prime Minister has the power.
The birthday of the King is on the 5th of december. All the major monuments are decorated with big images of the King and with symbols of monarchy. The anniversary of the Queen is on the 12th of August. It is the day of all the mothers of Thailand. The king and the Queen have four children, i.e. three Princesses (Princess Ubol Ratana, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and Princess Chulabhorn) and a Crown Prince (Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn).
Thai King and Queen
the Princess Mother
Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother, the mother of the king, was also highly venered. Big funerals were done in 1995 when she died at more than 90 years old. She was highly worshipped for her kindness. Thanks to her the French petanque is well known in Thailand.

Everyday at 8 A.M and 6 P.M the anthem of Thailand is played. Everybody should stand and stop everything. In every public place, the anthem is played. Of course, persons in traffic jam are excepted from this rule.

His Majecty The King often travelled in the countryside with his wife in order to listen to his people and understand their pleas. The King of Thailand is often shown with his camera.

When the Royal family goes out, policemen block open the road for them. So if you are blocked in a traffic jam and every car doesn't move anymore for a long time, it is maybe the King's car and its escort going on.

The king did compose himself the Thai anthem and he is also a well-known jazz player. Before he was also a very performant sportsman which bring rewards to Thailand in sailing ships competitions.

In every Thai family there are pictures of the King, the Queen or the mother's king. Sometimes also pictures from Rama V, an another highly worshipped king of Thailand.

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