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An Eye on Hong Kong - A Portfolio of Photographs 1970-2006 - Keith MacGregor
Hong Kong book

Title: An Eye on Hong Kong - A Portfolio of Photographs 1970-2006

Author: Keith MacGregor

Publisher: Cameramn Limited

Isbn: 962-86259-6-9

Year: Fifth Edition, 2005

Language: English

Rate: 7/7

Type: Photography

Summary: Acclaimed British photographer Keith MacGregor has been photographing Hong Kong since 1969, recording the rapidly developing city and its lifestyles, as well as the enduring beauty of Hong Kong's magnificient mountainous countryside, its many islands and the surrounding South China Sea. In this portfolio of photographs spanning over 35 years, he presents a remarkable essay on the territory's beauty, its colours and textures, and its local traditions and culture, which will delight not only those who know and love Hong Kong, but also those who wish to know more of this extraordinary place.

Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong - Kenny C.L. Ip
Hong Kong book

Title: Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong

Author: Kenny C.L. Ip

Publisher: Greenhill Publication Company

Isbn: 978-988-98543-4-8

Year: 2008

Language: English

Rate: 7/7

Type: Photography

Summary: Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong unravels the mystique of Chinese folklore. When Hong Kong was opened up after 1842, there were a large number of fishermen living in Hong Kong. Fishermen worked in the sea. They believed that the help of gods was necessary for safety and survival. This made some of the festivals full of superstitious features. Under over one hundred years of colonial rule, Hong Kong has eluded the atheism of Chinese communism. Thus, the rites and customs of popular festivals have been preserved up to now. Glimpses of traditional Chinese festivals, like the Mid-Automn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, together with local ones such as Cheung Chau Bun festival, the Birthday of Tin Hau and the Tai Chiu Festival will appear in this photo album.

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