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The Right Word in Cantonese - Kwan Choi Wah
Hong Kong book

Title: The Right Word in Cantonese

Author: Kwan Choi Wah

Publisher: The Commercial Press

Isbn: 962-07-1196-3

Year: Ninth Edition, 2004

Language: English

Rate: 7/7

Type: Language

Summary: A quick reference to Cantonese, especially the words and expressions for everyday use in Hong Kong and Canton. Complete with English entries, Yale Romanizations and Chinese characters

Cantonese Phrasebook - Kam Y Lau
Hong Kong book

Title: Cantonese Phrasebook

Author: Kam Y Lau

Publisher: Lonely Planet

Isbn: 0-86442-645-3

Year: Third Edition, 1999

Language: English

Rate: 6/7

Type: Language

Summary: Communication can be the difference between a holiday and an experience. This phrasebook will help you get into, and out of, most conceivable situations while meeting people along the way. Whether gauging the changes in Hong Kong or trekking through southern China, dare to go to beyond the nod and smile.

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