Hello, I would first like to say that I really enjoy reading Thaiworldview and find the information provided, especially on the temples (since I am a Buddhist) extremely useful. I have also read about Thai food in Wanchai. Since moving to HK half a year ago, I have been looking around for affordable and authentic thai food. Would you be so kind as to provide recommendations as well as addresses of the small cantines at the back of thai grocers please as I would like to visit them. I am very curious about the private kitchens as well and I know that they cannot openly advertise on your website but some recommendations for that would be wonderful too! Thank you very much for your help!

This is tommy from tuen tsz wai ta tsiu, i am responsible for public relation, i browsed your website had recorded our ta tsiu on 2006, would be great if you could contact me.

I am interested in contacting the Wat Tai Wo regarding donations. The telephone listed in your website has been disconnected. Would anyone know if there is another number or email address?

Hello! On your website, you said that the Mei Ho House in Hong Kong will be turned into a museum and another Shek Kip Mei building will be turned into an artists' village. Do you have more information on this, and do you know when this will happen? Thank you very much!

Hi, I'd like to post recruitment ad to recruit Thailand people in Hong Kong to work in Nail business. Can you advise which newspaper so can reach these group of people? Thanks, Grace Chan

just want to say a big thank you for posting up photos of Sam Mun Tsai island as that is where my parents and relatives are from. I only remember being there when I was just a kid and never got the chance to go back. I didn't remember it as being as beautiful as how you portrayed it in your photos. i can't wait to show these photos to my parents!

Dear Sir, สวัสดีค่ะ My name is Axxxx. I come from Thailand. But now I stay at Shenzhen. Could u please telling me how can we going to Kowloon city by MTR. Thank you for help.

Hi there, I just want to comment that in the following webpage, the swastika picture is of a wrong symbol. In fact, it's a Nazi symbol instead. Please look in to it. Thanks for your attention,

Hi, I was reading your information on Sikhism, there are some errors. Sikhism was never a movement from within Hinduism, it is on its own. It was founded in the 15th century and the women don't really wear saris, they wear mostly punjabi suits. I would greatly appreciate it if you could change the information on the page. Thank you for the site, good job. I am refering to the page,

I like how you used information taken from actual people,but who started this website?

please do check these links, u will find some rare gems in Hong Kong that worth visiting and

In trying to find out a bit more about Wat Maktham Vanaram Thai Buddhist Temple place I also stumbled on a great website with some really good photography of Tai Po and other places in HK. It's called Thai World View.

This is to request your permission for us to use the image you posted on the web. As a part of our annual Chinese New Year lunch celebration with our children and families on February 6th from 11:00-1:00, we have chosen this image as part of our power point presentation, which the images run themselves by projection during lunch to enhance the festive atmosphere. We would greatly appreciate if you could email us your written permission regarding use of this image. Thank you very much!

Hi, I saw your site and I see your pictures,any idia how I can rent private boat for this comming sunday Tnaks

Hello, I just started a new site about Hong Kong featuring very current information as well as alot of photography. Is there any chance we can exchange links?

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