Buddha representation

These are the different representations of Buddha (พระพุทธรูป) in Thai religious art.

reclining Buddha
Reclining Buddha

The Buddha is sleeping and waiting for death. He has reached Nirvana.

Sitting Buddha
Sitting Buddha

Teaching dharma : the Buddha's hands are turning the Dharma wheel.

sitting Buddha
Sitting Buddha

This position is called "Taking the Earth to witness" or "Subduing Mara" (left hand in lap, right hand touches ground ). The demon Mara sends his three daughters to seduce the Buddha and then an army to defeat him. The Buddha calls "MAE THORANI" (แม่ธรณี) by touching the earth. She drowns the army with the water, which falls from her hair.

Sitting Buddha
Sitting Buddha

Stop fighting : the Buddha warns that it is now time to talk, time for peace. People can come closer to listen to his teaching. One hand palm in front.

standing Buddha
Standing Buddha

The Buddha, with his two hands palm in front, stops a flood.

begging Buddha
Begging Buddha

Begging position : Palm on the back begging.

Buddha asking for rain
Calling for rain

The Buddha is calling for rain. Such statues can be found in Isan and Laos area. Both arms down at sides, palms against thighs.

Buddha walking
Walking Buddha

The Buddha is walking around in order to teach the Dharma.

meditating Buddha
Meditating Buddha

Meditating with both hands in lap, palms up, right hand on top.

Standing Buddha
Standing Buddha

Meditating with both hands in lap, palms up, right hand on top.

giving alms
Giving alms

Every morning at dawn, monks are going out to get some food. Thai people fill monk bowl with rice, soft drinks, cakes and so on... This ceremony is called "TAKBAT" (ตักบาตร).

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